This is How Creative Brands Are Using Instagram to Sell

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Instagram has now become one of the most downloaded apps in the App Store, counting billions of active users. However, it’s not just for sharing photos of vacations and selfies. Statistics show that 70% of businesses in the U.S. use Instagram to engage with customers, and 70% of users turn to the app to search for brands. Meanwhile, 60% use it to learn about new products. Indeed, Instagram has become a crucial aspect of marketing.

If you’re feeling stuck and lost for ideas, it helps to scope out other successful brands and see how they craft their Instagram strategy. Here are a few accounts you can check to get your creative juices flowing.

#1. Lush Cosmetics


The cosmetics industry is quite notorious for its negative effects on the environment. For example, toxic ingredients like BHA and BHT kill sea animals and cause genetic mutations in humans.

Fortunately, there are many brands that are now making an effort to become more environmentally friendly. Lush is one such beauty brand that’s known for their eco-friendly products and ethical processes.

Aside from posting about their sustainable products, they also use their posts and stories to promote eco-friendly habits and inclusivity. Moreover, they make sure to put the spotlight on charities and organizations they work with, such as Aspen Institute and Center for Native American Youth.

Such efforts are highly appreciated by audiences nowadays. It shows that brands aren’t just out to make a sale — they actually have a bigger purpose and can use their platform for good. This is something to consider as you create your marketing plan, but make sure you aren’t partnering with organizations just for optics.

#2. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

The urge to undergo some home improvements has drastically increased during the pandemic. Houzz, an online home remodeling company, states that there was a 58% increase in projects in June of 2020.

It’s no surprise that Apartment Therapy’s account has become quite popular too — with its content motivating audiences to improve their living spaces.

Their Instagram showcases residences that are both cozy and stylish, but there are also useful how-to clips — such as how to build your own terrarium. Additionally, their “Before & After” Story highlights contain transformation pictures of everything from laundry rooms to kitchens.

At a time when we’re all spending so much time indoors, Apartment Therapy is living up to their name by posting soothing and attractive home photos that entice audiences to follow their lead. When in doubt, providing inspirational content is certainly effective.

#3. Bala Bangles

Bala Bangles

Bala has made a name for themselves as an unconventional fitness brand that merges wellness and artistry — as evidenced by their vibrant photos and uniquely shaped items. They shot to fame amid the pandemic when most people began turning to home workouts.

Bala kept their audience engaged by posting Instagram Live workout videos with their products — which proved to be an effective strategy. True enough, this ultimate guide to social selling explains that Instagram’s Live feature saw a 70% growth from February to March last year as content creators and brands breathed new life into the platform — including Bala.

Don’t be afraid to explore this feature, as Instagram Live is also a great way to get more personal with your audience. Plus, it’s much more fun and interactive than a normal post on the feed!

#4. Teva


Previously, Teva had a reputation as a “dad sandal” brand, but they have seen refreshed their image and are now popular among younger generations. This is because they successfully market their products using a mix of professional photography and user-generated content (UGC).

UGC refers to the photos that their customers create and post on their own accounts, using the hashtag #TevaForever. True enough, one look at the hashtag will reveal a diverse roster of influencers, customers, and other supporters.

Consumers like seeing how a product fits into their lifestyle, and Teva delivers this kind of content. For starters, try asking customers to tag your account or use a hashtag so you can easily track UGC. Plus, it’s proof that your products and services are loved.

#5. Away


If you look at Away’s Instagram profile, you might think they were perhaps a travel business — but they’re actually a luggage brand. Instead of simply advertising their products and features, Away also makes sure to show the experience and lifestyle that a suitcase symbolizes.

As you can see on their “At Home” Stories, they have dream itineraries, travel-themed movie recommendations, and even alternative uses of the luggage. Despite the pandemic causing lockdowns and travel bans, Away still manages to keep the spirit of travel alive by posting photos of destinations and jokes about the current state of the travel industry. Truly, emphasizing the lifestyle aspect of your products and services shows customers that getting these can give them these experiences.

With so many new features on Instagram, the opportunities to get creative are endless. And as mentioned, if you feel that your brand has hit a wall, know that there’s inspiration to be found everywhere. 

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