How Covid-19 is Transforming the Marketing strategy to HCP’s?

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The idea of returning to pre-Covid-19 conditions is getting less conceivable day by day. Almost every business model has had to transform overnight.

But above all healthcare providers (HCP’s) is the one who is facing the Covid-19 implications from the front. And our healthcare providers are working under extraordinary strain.

Besides, if as a healthcare market you are still relying on the traditional method of marketing, then it’s the mistake you should avoid.

For instance, take a look back to last year and how healthcare providers have faced the implications of Covid-19. Even in the time of the pandemic healthcare provides have faced superhuman demands.

While some of the doctors were resilient and faced the implications of Covid-19 well and push the adversities through pandemics.

On the other hand, the majority of doctors, physicians, and other healthcare professionals have struggled with incredibly difficult circumstances both or work and the home front.

Apart from this cancelled surgery and medical consultations have pushed the healthcare providers into precarious financial conditions.

With financial implications, many healthcare professionals are suffering from a mental health crisis.

According to a survey, around 62% of healthcare professionals have said stress has negatively affected their mental health.

Moreover, a Mental health American survey funded by Johnson & Johnson company has stated that healthcare providers are experiencing

Work-Related Dread-63%

Anxiety- 63%

Compassion Fatigue- 52%

Emotional Exhaustion- 82%

Above mentioned statistics clearly states that increasing mental health implication compelling the healthcare worker to leave their front-line work.

Definitely, there is a crisis of health in healthcare workers. 

This mental health crisis among healthcare providers and Covid-19 implications has posed several challenges among healthcare marketers.

This rapid pace of change has brought both changes and opportunities for healthcare marketers.

According to Mckinsey, marketers have a pivotal role to play as companies shape their responses to the generational defining event that will influence how consumers behave in the coming years. 

Leverage Data on 3 Million Mental Health Professionals across the USA.

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But the Covid-19 implications and mental health of healthcare providers have put challenges in front of healthcare marketers.

Moreover, there is no denying fact that competition is aggressive among doctors, physicians, and health officials.

And to make the marketing strategy one step ahead of their competitors, healthcare marketers have to understand the challenges. And the top challenges are :

Rebuilding Customer Relationship With covid-19 implications, consumers are being more price-sensitive and less loyal than before.

Hence, this is a challenge among healthcare markets to develop a new connection and maintaining the existing relations with doctors, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices industry that were interrupted by Covid-19

Salesforce Management Whether you are in pharmaceuticals and in the medical device industry, healthcare marketers often rely on the salesperson who meets the potential buyers and clients.

And work from home implications has also affected the efficacy of salespeople who has a decade of experience in pitching client in an offline meeting. 

However the future is never crystal clear, but consistent themes are emerging from Covid’s impact that can illuminate the path forward.

And in the face of relentless mental health trauma that healthcare providers are facing, healthcare marketers need to make a paradigm shift in their marketing strategy.

The way Covid-19 has accelerated the trend across the sectors of medicine, it has also urged the healthcare marketers to make an innovation in the way healthcare representative pitch their services and enable healthcare providers in providing excellent services to their patients. 

So how you can convey the information efficiently to healthcare providers?

  • Revolutionize Go-to marketing strategy With Covid-19 implications, healthcare marketers can change their marketing strategy by identifying your current and existing customer needs, pain points, buying behavior, and how it has changed over the year. Marketers can consider the customer survey to better understand the specific needs. 
  • Accept Reality In the uncertainties of Covid-19, doctors, physicians, and health professionals might have missed the webinars, product launches, etc. At this juncture, you can pitch in and offer your understanding in brief. This will enable healthcare providers to understand the information quickly and efficiently. 
  • Seek Advice To make communication better, marketers can seek advice from key stakeholders. It enables you to ask your HCP’s what are their requirements, and how they need them to be fulfilled. 
  • Be Empathetic- In the Covid-19 pandemic among all the professionals, healthcare providers facing the crisis from the front and taking the endurable strain. Hence, be empathetic as this is not the right time to be fun, sarcastic, and fear-motivated messaging. Shift your focus in sending a patient-centric messaging and helping the healthcare providers to provide better care to their patients. 
  • Revitalize Patient Services- In the struggling time of the economy, copay cards, samples, and other tools are crucial. But look for ways to streamline the labor-saving method for deliveries. Keep your messaging simple and enact and audit your system to see where the loopholes happen and figure out the way to make it easier. 
  • Get Ahead of the next normal – As we are emerging from Covid-19, healthcare marketers must develop deeper insights from beyond their industries and beyond their shores. And there is a possibility that many businesses and firms will emerge in the Covid-19 era. Hence, it an opportunity for healthcare marketers to start ideating now and accelerate their move in the new markets.

Traditional marketing has been here for decades but with the uncertainties of Covid-19, it is vital for healthcare marketers to transform their marketing strategy.

Covid-19 pandemic has built an opportunity for us to build and sustain our relationships with healthcare providers and provide them with a helping hand in serving their patients.

We must show up as an aid not just as a hindrance.

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