Top HealthCare Startups Featured In Web Summit 2019

Healthcare (Medtech & Pharma) startups at Web summit 2019

Web Summit 2019 was a massively successful event. Not only did it manage to attract young startups from all over the world but also well-funded startups. Companies from all over the world flocked to Lisbon, Portugal to be part of this one-of-a-kind tech event. Startups of all sizes, demarcated on the basis of alpha, beta and growth startups, and the variety of industry verticals present was absolutely crazy.

This year’s web summit was all about the sheer variety of industry verticals at the display. There were a lot of startups in the healthcare domain (Medtech & pharma) that exhibited this year. Medtech & pharma refers to healthcare solutions with the help of modern technology. IT can be anything from a medicine delivery platform to healthcare provider aggregators to disease detection & cure tech – the possibilities are endless.

We, at Ampliz, had a great show this year at Web Summit, 2019 as well. We met some amazing startups from various countries and absolutely enjoyed our time there. Our Ampliz booth on Day 4 of Web Summit was an absolute hit. People loved our product as well as our #BeingSuperCharged community.

List of Healthcare Startups at Web Summit 2019

In this article, we have listed down a few healthcare startups from all over the world that exhibited at Web Summit, Lisbon.
This article lists down only a handful of Medtech & pharma startups. To get the full list of startups, click on the button below.


Pitch: An integrated mobile app that moves people from reactive to proactive healthcare and empowers healthcare givers to explode their business.
Location: Canada
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn 


Pitch: Physiological eXtended Reality for Cognitive Digital Therapy: mindfulness meet biofeedback to enhance cognitive availability of patients.
Location: France
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook


Pitch: Integrated SaaS platform enabling plans and employers to create a wellness culture among their population.
Location: France
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn


Pitch: The future of glucose monitoring.
Location: Switzerland

Nova Leah

Pitch: Multi-award winning company, Nova Leah specializes in developing expert cybersecurity risk management compliance solutions.
Location: Ireland
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

Microviable Therapeutics

Pitch: MICROVIABLE is a company with the vision of providing new microbiota-based therapies for a wide variety of currently untreatable diseases.
Location: Spain
Social Handles: Twitter 


Pitch: Clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a first-in-class neuroprotectant for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke.
Location: Spain
Social Handles: LinkedIn


Pitch: International Medical Equipment Marketplace.
Location: Ukraine
Social Handles: LinkedIn | Facebook


Pitch: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? CARPALELLO, the right solution without risks.
Location: Italy
Social Handles: LinkedIn | Facebook


Pitch: The next step in diagnosis: an AI assistant to help doctors interpret medical images, improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.
Location: Portugal
Social Handles: LinkedIn | Facebook

These were only a few startups from APAC region that we mentioned. To get the full list of European startups at Web Summit 2019, fill-up the form below!

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