Trending Healthcare Data Quality Standards in 2021

Trending Healthcare Data Quality Standards in 2021

2021 has already set a lot of hopes and expectations in people’s minds because of 2020’s devastating impact on businesses and people’s lives throughout the globe.

Every business is emerging out with a new ray of hope and goodwill, so is the healthcare data industry. Data quality in healthcare is the key factor that drives the entire industry.

It is determined by some major standards. So what are data standards in healthcare?

What are the trending data quality standards in healthcare in 2021?

These might be the type of questions raising in your mind. Well, here we are to have a detailed look at the same. Let’s explore. 

Healthcare data quality

Healthcare data quality determines the presence and sustainability of the healthcare data industry. The more high-quality data, the more it heads towards sustainable growth.

How to measure the data quality?

Data quality is measured by some major quality standards that are considered to be the major pillars of healthcare data quality.

So what are these standards?

Let’s find out. 

1. Reliable Data Sources:

The very first step towards quality data is every set of data that needs to be collected, should be collected from 100% reliable sources. Reliable sources are the ones or the mediums from whom you can get authentic data.

Advanced data mining through experienced data miners helps in collecting quality data from trusted sources. Make sure that the data you purchased are collected from reliable sources through the integration of advanced data mining techniques. 

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2. Data Accuracy:

Data accuracy is the 2nd pillar for a  healthy database. Whatever data collected after the integration of state-of-the-art technology, it’s of utmost importance to perform proper validation checks on the same. 

Perform multi-level validation checks on the collected data and measure the data accuracy accordingly. There are many different ways of doing the same.

Ampliz is known for its highest data accuracy rate where it leverages the patented AI models to bring out the only data that is valid and serves its clients.

3. Data Consistency

Data consistency is another major standard to be taken care of when we are talking about healthcare data quality.

The same data reflected in different folders or categories should be the same value, or else it can mislead clients. 

Every data should be unique and shouldn’t be duplicated. No data should be found repeatedly in the database.

To make this happen, you need to implement multiple database mapping algorithms in multiple stages.

And once, you received it, be sure that your pillar of data consistency is standing strong.

4. Updated Data

Among all the 4 standards that determine the data quality in healthcare, this one is of the same priority as the rest mentioned above. Updating data frequently is the most important step towards maintaining quality data. 

The data that’s valid today might not be valid the next moment. The contact might have got updated due to various reasons. Here comes the major responsibility. The frequent updating of data within a short period of time is a mandatory task, or else, all your quality data might turn obsolete in no time. So frequent updating of data is a must.

Let’s Understand All the Above Steps with a Real-Time Example of Healthcare Data

Suppose you are purchasing an email list of Gynecologists in the US, what are the factors that your seller should be taken care of before handling the email lists to you.

  1. The email lists should have been collected from reliable data sources through the help of experienced data miners.
  2. The email lists should have undergone multiple validation checks to ensure that the collected data is 100% genuine.
  3. The email list of one gynecologist is not matching with the other. Every data is absolutely unique.
  4. The email list is updated at least 30 days before handling you.

Data quality in healthcare depends on these 4 major standards mentioned above. Ampliz is one of the leading healthcare data providers with the best healthcare data quality records that strictly follows these basic above-mentioned standards.

So before you purchase any healthcare database from any healthcare data provider, make sure that all the above-mentioned standards are taken care of.