Healthcare data and technology – A Cutting Edge Solution to transform the Mental health care industry

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Technology plays a crucial role when it comes to healthcare services.

This is the reason healthcare data and technology are being adopted at an accelerated rate as patients and healthcare providers are adapting to the upcoming changes. 

And many believed that rapid changes in healthcare delivery are here to stay and the Covid-19 pandemic has already stirred us into a technology-driven transformation in Mental health care

According to a WHO survey, Covid-19 is disrupting mental health services in most countries. 

Collectively, the whole world is facing a mental health crisis, and it is taking a costly toll. 

In research, it is estimated that the global cost of the mental health crisis would reach USD 16 trillion by 2030.

And when it comes to mental health care management, there are a host of reasons such as shame and social stigma creating a setback in promoting value services to the patients. 

Nowadays, if a person searches for physical illness consultation, they could easily get assistance from many, but fetching the right information for mental health conditions such as anxiety, schizophrenia, and addiction is a faraway dream. 

But there is hope in healthcare data and technology.  And by leveraging its benefits the overall Mental Healthcare Industry is getting transformed.

This will lead to easy access to the information patients need. 

Besides, with an increasing instance of technology, the data is already getting integrated into smartphones, smartwatches, and smart cars. 

Many companies and start-ups are providing mental health services to patients via virtual care, and online consultation.

And this digital transformation is beneficial in many ways such as- 

  • Enhance patient care and experience.
  • Support wellness through connectivity and collaboration.
  • Identifying the mental health conditions at ease
  • Improving employee mental health with cost reduction.
  • Creating Scope for Artificial Intelligence & Automation driven Bots

Here we are going to discuss some start-ups that are providing exemplary services to patients via virtual reality systems.

These are-


Lyra healthcare provides mental health care platform to companies as a benefit for their employees.

This start-up provides evidence-based treatment to its customers with the help of data and technology.

And it enables patients to access their services in a personalized way such as in-person, live video, live messaging, and self-led.

By leveraging the benefits of the Lyra platform, you can access healthcare in many innovative ways such as personalized care options, book real-time appointments, learn & practice new real-life skills, and also track & measure clinical progress.

And with Lyra platform, many organizations were able to reduce health plan spending, increased productivity, and improved retention savings.  

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Ginger is an essential health care provider that delivers on-demand behavioural mental healthcare by using real-time data.

It is an incredible platform and one-stop solution that cater to all your mental health care needs.

Besides, this platform provides behavioral health coaching with licensed therapists and psychiatrists.

And all the customers are treated for 8-12 weeks.

Furthermore, the app also provides more than 200+ activities that you can explore by topics such as stress, anxiety, mindfulness, and others.

And all these activities can be completed in 5 minutes.

According to facts, around 70% of people were able to experience significant improvement in symptoms of depression and anxiety. 


Neuronetics has designed Neurostar as a non-invasive therapeutic alternative to treat patients who suffer from major depressive order.

And this platform is not limited to patients, physician and neurogenetics can also leverage the benefits of this platform.

Besides, Neurostar using transcranial magnetic stimulation to target key areas of the brain that are non-active during depression.

And Neurostar is FDA-approved, nondrug, and provides long-lasting symptoms relief.

In this way, it enables patients with the clinically demonstrated response and remission with durable results. And it is a precise and reproducible office-based therapy that is convenient and efficient.

Moreover, Neurostar is widely reimbursed by government health plans and also have a record of 3 million treatment. 

 Mind Strong

Mindstrong is another key player in healthcare start-ups that provide virtual therapy and psychiatric care.

And this platform provides exceptional services without any extra costs, co-pays, and coinsurance.

With the MindStrong platform, you can get consistent care, licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and care coordinator directly from the comfort of your home.

Besides, you can also measure your symptoms, track medical records, and add your daily progress report directly through this platform.

Above all, MindStrong aims to provide smarter, efficient, and primitive healthcare that would help in enhancing clinical outcomes, cutting costs on treatments, and reducing hospital visits. 

Blackthorn Therapeutics

Blackthorn therapeutics is another vital healthcare company that is capable of the discovery and development of proprietary therapeutics focused on cognitive behavioural therapy.

And to achieve their target the company is using a data-driven approach and different insights to understand neurological behaviour to provide the treatment that enhances patient outcomes.

Furthermore, the company is also developing a deep sustainable pipeline to balance the dysregulated brain circuits and empowered patients with neurological disorders to live a better life.