Fintech Startups featured in Web Summit 2019

Fintech startups at web summit 2019

Web Summit, arguably the largest tech fest in the world, had a massive event this year as well. Companies from all over the world flocked to Lisbon, Portugal to be part of this one-of-a-kind tech event. Companies of all sizes, demarcated on the basis of alpha, beta and growth startups, and the variety of industry verticals present was absolutely crazy.

This year’s web summit was all about the sheer variety of industry verticals at the display. One of the most popular and innovative sections was Fintech. Fintech or financial tech refers to any company that solves problems related to finance ( easy payments, stock investment, etc) by the use of modern technology.

We, at Ampliz, had a great show this year at Web Summit, 2019 as well. We met some amazing startups from various countries and absolutely enjoyed our time there. Our Ampliz booth on Day 4 of Web Summit was an absolute hit. People loved our product as well as our #BeingSuperCharged community.

List of Fintech Startups at Web Summit 2019

In this article, we have listed down a few fintech startups from all over the world that exhibited at Web Summit, Lisbon.
This article lists down only a handful of Fintech startups. To get the full list of startups, click on the button below.

Claim Di

Pitch: Enterprise workforce dispatching platform with access to on-demand high-skill bikers for auto insurance and banking applications in SEA.
Location: Thailand
Social Handles: Twitter | Facebook


Pitch: Digified Provides digital identity verification technology solutions based on machine learning and computer vision technologies.
Location: Egypt
Social Handles: Twitter


Pitch: Payment and management platform for smart communities.
Location: Egypt
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook


Pitch: TaoDust is the first equity crowdfunding platform backed by the blockchain. By tokenizing assets, it brings liquidity to an illiquid market.
Location: Malta
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook


Pitch: A Payment Facilitator platform designed for nonprofits; Givebox is diversifying philanthropy with digital banking and free fundraising tools.
Location: United States
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook


Pitch: FINMATEX is a Fintech Platform with AI-based client’s assistance for building and managing marketplaces with their own financial products.
Location: United States
Social Handles: Facebook


Pitch: VTransFair is a blockchain-powered fiat payment system designed for B2B using FX Rates.
Location: United Kingdom
Social Handles: LinkedIn


Pitch: Modernising financial planning with automation. Bippit’s platform delivers dedicated digital plans for the price of a cup of coffee.
Location: United Kingdom
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook


Pitch: Use our immutable enterprise blockchain for your app within minutes. Secure, auditable, and accessible via an API and an SDK.
Location: Japan
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn 


Pitch: Manta is a mobile-first sustainable investing platform. We enable people to invest in what aligns with their values.
Location: Germany
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

These were only a few startups from APAC region that we mentioned. To get the full list of European startups at Web Summit 2019, fill-up the form below!

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