Want to Close More Deals? Contextual Intelligence is the key!

contextual intelligence

Cold calling is the most dreaded and the least liked job in sales. The success rate with cold calling is not expected to be very high. As a result, cold calling aims to endeavor as many connections as possible without taking too much time. Only a small percentage of them will convert to a deal.

Also, businesses change every day. With new tools and technologies coming in every other day, people’s workflow and their customer outreach changes. Cold calling has also gone through several changes right from a personalized sales pitch to using new tools for prospecting.


One thing that has always remained constant is – preparation before a call. One of the major issues with cold calling is being ill-equipped with the right knowledge about your potential client. Cold calling requires a lot of preparation. More than closing deals, it’s all about making an impact in the first few seconds of the call which after all seals the fate of the sale.

Now the obvious question: How do you prepare yourself for a cold call?

You need to know something about your prospect to make sure you ask the right questions and to engage in a discussion that could help make a sale. Cold calling may be presented as a clinical exercise but it must be delivered as a human experience. A two-line pitch about your product will not create a sale alone. It is vital to know a little about your prospect and their company beforehand to carry a conversation professionally on the call.

Simply put, “Knowing your prospect” is the primary and the most important part of your cold call prep.

Now the important question to answer:  How do you get all the information you need to have a successful sales call?

Simple, Contextual Intelligence!

What is Contextual Intelligence?

Contextual intelligence is the ability to apply knowledge & learn from real-world situations in real-time. It refers to the proficiency of adapting to different situations and solving complexities by learning on the go.

As far as Ampliz SalesBuddy is concerned, Contextual Intelligence is the ability of SalesBuddy to understand and master different data points of companies and contacts across the globe, from nooks and corners of the internet and equip its users with all the intelligence they need in real-time, to have an efficient sales conversation and close more deals.

Basic information on your potential customer is necessary, but it’s not always enough. Sometimes you need to do your homework to have a holistic view as well as the details about the specific challenges they face and how you can provide the solution. 

Contextual Intelligence gives you the forum to choose the data points (or Intelligence) that you need to better understand your prospects. Isn’t it great to know about the person beforehand, with whom you are having a cold call? 

Why Contextual Intelligence?

In Sales, there are no second chances. If you screw up your first call, you have lost your prospect there. That’s why you should be armed with all the data points you need to know about them to have a successful cold call.

That’s INTELLIGENCE. Ampliz SalesBuddy provides you all the intelligence you need, to stay up-to-date about your prospects, so you never screw up a call.

Sounds good?

How can Contextual Intelligence help you?

You can get almost any information from Ampliz with the help of contextual intelligence.
Any small information about your prospect apart from Email ID and contact number is great information. Imagine having their recent hiring, Funding, their social media handles, tech stack and anything else that you think can serve as your weapon during a sales call. It just gets better. Isn’t it?

This info just doesn’t help you influence your prospect in closing a deal but also serves as a great rapport-building conversation point.

How does Ampliz SalesBuddy bring this information to you?

Yes. Ampliz SalesBuddy pretty much does quite a lot of homework there to get some genuine and relevant results in seconds. Would you like to know how?

The algorithm of Ampliz SalesBuddy is programmed with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. Through this algorithm, Salesbuddy crawls across the internet to find and learn about different user patterns. Based on this information, it scraps out the top results as per your persona and provides you with Up to date information in real-time.

The first part of achieving this high-quality result is a constant gathering of different user behaviors in various situations. From there SalesBuddy drills down overt behaviors into deep cognitive processes. Finally, different behavior patterns are analyzed. Besides, SalesBuddy also uses Adaptive Business Intelligence systems to build self-learning “decisioning” systems needed to transform data into actionable knowledge.

How does Contextual Intelligence revolutionize the traditional sales process

There are hundreds of lead generation tools out there to provide just Email ID and contact numbers of your prospects. That has almost reached its dead end.

Contextual Intelligence redefines the idea of just having limited data about your prospects to a more sophisticated database of information to help you analyze and segment your prospects for an efficient sales call and prospect analysis. 

Ampliz SalesBuddy has been built with a mission to act as a buddy in Prospecting. Right from helping you make a Prospect fit decision to enabling you with all the information you need (through Contextual Intelligence duh), Ampliz SalesBuddy will alter the way of how people perceive Cold calling and prominently revolutionize the lead generation space.