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Prospecting with Ampliz SalesBuddy

Prospect Like a King With Ampliz SaledBuddy And Generate 10x More Leads

The countdown begins each day of every week of every month for every sales professional across the globe. The two words you normally hear them say are deals and time. But we can save time and maximize our deals by investing in … Read More

What is an MQL?

What is an MQL? Definition & Meaning

Imagine you have tons of website visitors, subscribers to your email newsletter, an incredible number of “resource” downloads; but you have way fewer customers. Well there can be a huge number of factors affecting your conversions but in B2B, one … Read More

How to build a sales strategy

How to Build a Sales Strategy?

“Business is like a war in one respect. If its grand strategy is correct, any number of tactical errors can be made and yet the enterprise proves successful.” Robert E. Wood – Executive and Brigadier General. Every business requires a … Read More

what is a sales accepted lead?

All About Sales Accepted Leads (SALs)

The relationship between sales and marketing teams is always resentful. The fact is that most of the qualified leads are stagnant just because of the disagreement between these two teams. But a sales accepted lead (SAL) is the bridge between … Read More

social selling: a complete guide

A Complete Guide to Social Selling on LinkedIn

We all know what level of importance social media has attained in recent years and how it will continue to grow. As billions of users around the world use social media for different purposes, you can only harness its power … Read More

Free & discounted tools to help you during this Coronavirus situation

30+ Free & Discounted Tools To Help You Through The Coronavirus Period

As of 25th March 2020, there are more than 420K people affected with Coronavirus across the globe. The stock market has taken a huge blow, businesses are suffering and there’s a mass layoff happening. We are almost facing a mini-recession … Read More

sales techniques to skyrocket your revenue

These sales techniques will help you close every single time

Sales can never be boring, especially if it’s B2B. We know it can be a tough proposition for sales reps but what’s life without any challenges, right? The best part about sales is that people get a lot more freedom … Read More

sales forecasting methods

9 Proven Sales Forecasting Methods That Will Give You a Reality Check of Your Business

Closing deals and increasing revenue are two of the primary tasks & goals of any business. It is also something that you invest a lot of time in, thinking and devising strategies around. In spite of putting all the efforts … Read More

what is sales intelligence

What is Sales Intelligence & Why is it Important in 2020?

As a business, your primary goal is to make sales. There are a lot of other things that you need to focus on to run a business efficiently, but sales are primarily how you make money. It’s a tough process … Read More