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Pharmaceutical companies in the world

Top 10 Largest Pharmaceutical Companies In The World

Target and reach the key prospects in this trillion-dollar pharma industry, access pharma companies’ data … Read More

Biopharma Trends

List of Best 10 AI Healthcare Startups in 2022

Healthcare startups are leveraging with promising AI-driven technology to help healthcare providers to offer targeted healthcare services to save millions of lives. With new-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, IoT, and Big Data, Medical Science revolutionizes the healthcare … Read More

Telemedicine Companies – Top 10 in 2022 (Revenues, Employee Size)

The ongoing covid-19 pandemic has created huge chaos in almost every healthcare industry and business around the globe. Social distancing has made telemedicine, the safest healthcare space. Telehealth has evolved as an unexpected silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic, and … Read More


What is B2i: Revolution, Not Evolution

New technologies are changing the way you offer solutions to your customers. And if you want to scale your business, technology adoption makes it possible by bringing in resilience. With increasing competition in an interconnected world, organizations need to know … Read More

Top 08 Medical Device Marketing Strategies to watch in 2022

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Dental Marketing

Proven Dental marketing strategies to follow in 2022

In this digital realm, patients spend most of the time researching for the best dental clinic and treatment. To scale growth, creating a digital presence on all website, listing, and social media channels is the key. If you are not … Read More

Sales Prospecting Tool

7 Tips on How to use LinkedIn as a Healthcare Sales Prospecting Tool?

In 2022, Linkedin is not limited to recruiters and job seekers. As its tagline goes “Do business where business is done”. This is true! Salespeople who use Linkedin for prospecting acquire tons of new opportunities. However, there are plenty who … Read More

Hyper Personalization - Pharma Marketing Trends

Hyper-Personalization- A New Trend of Pharma Marketing

Covid-19 has made the leaders all across the sector rethink how they do business. With the uncertainty of Covid-19, the tech trend is in motion across all the sectors and the pharma industry is no exception. And in the last … Read More

Healthcare Marketer

How Covid-19 is Transforming the Marketing strategy to HCP’s?

Idea of returning to the new normal is less conceivable as anticipated by any individual or business. Every business has suffered at some scale and to adapt to this new COVID normal, they have to transform their strategies and plan … Read More