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salesbuddy v1.6 product updates

Ampliz Salesbuddy v1.6 – What should you expect?

Leap Year may only come once every four years, but our tool ‘Ampliz Salesbuddy’ goes through a software update every week (most of the time!). This time, we’re bringing you the changes we have implemented in our version 1.6 and … Read More

contextual intelligence

Want to Close More Deals? Contextual Intelligence is the key!

Cold calling is the most dreaded and the least liked job in sales. The success rate with cold calling is not expected to be very high. As a result, cold calling aims to endeavor as many connections as possible without … Read More

Product-Market Fit

All that you need to know about Product Market Fit

Did you know that 9/10 startups fail and 40% of the reason behind this is not finding the Product-market fit? It’s common to conceive a great idea, build it by investing a lot of time, money, and resources, and then … Read More

Top 10 Website Metrics to track

Top 10 Website Metrics You Should Track

Analyzing Website Analysis Metrics is crucial to any business. There are things to keep in mind while measuring key matrices. … Read More