Featured Startups at Web Summit 2019: APAC

Startups from APAC at Web Summit 2019

Web Summit, arguably the largest tech fest in the world, had a massive event this year as well. Companies from all over the world flocked to Lisbon, Portugal to be part of this one-of-a-kind tech event. Companies of all sizes, demarcated on the basis of alpha, beta and growth startups, and the variety of industry verticals present was absolutely crazy.

We, at Ampliz, had a great show this year at Web Summit, 2019 as well. We met some amazing startups from various countries and absolutely enjoyed our time there. Our Ampliz booth on Day 4 of Web Summit was an absolute hit. People loved our product as well as our #BeingSuperCharged community.

In this article, we have listed down a few startups from the Asia Pacific region that exhibited at Web Summit, Lisbon.
This article lists down only a handful of Asia-Pacific startups. To get the full list, click on the button below.

Startups in APAC

We came across a lot of startups from APAC, especially from India, Thailand, Australia, and Japan. The diversity in ideas and the underlying tech of these startups was simply overwhelming. These are some of the best startups from APAC that we have listed down below.

Startups from Australia

A few Australian startups managed to showcase at the biggest tech event this year. We saw only a handful (albeit amazing) Australian startups at Web Summit, Lisbon. Here are a few of those startups from Australia at Web Summit:


Pitch: Separate products from websites, fast checkouts, track sales from images, share/incentivize products to be sold by anyone on any platform.
Industry: eCommerce & retail
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

LexX Technologies

Pitch: We’re building maintenance & engineering software for the future.
Industry: AI & machine learning
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn

Zafty Intelligence

Pitch: Mental Health – remote passive monitoring and pattern analysis to predict mental health events, through a single app.
Industry: AI & machine learning
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn

Startups from India

This year, there were around 10-20 startups from India participating in Web Summit 2019. Sports, Hardware & IoT, Advertising & marketing – were the popular verticals as far as Indian startups at Web Summit were concerned. We have listed down a few:


Pitch: Audio-Video Feedback Tool. Collect, Organize & Act on Website Bug Reports, Reviews & Customer Feedback for your digital products.
Industry:  Enterprise software solutions
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

Ampliz SalesBuddy

Pitch: Global B2B Data Platform + Personalized Contextual Intelligence.
Industry: Enterprise software solutions
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Pitch: A Trusted Partner to start Business In India. Tax & Legal compliance platform in Cross Border consultancy to help you start in India.
Industry: Legal & consultancy
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

Startups from Japan

There were some really cool startups from Japan this year at Web Summit. We found 20+ Japanese startups in Lisbon this year. Check them out:


Pitch: Use our immutable enterprise blockchain for your app within minutes. Secure, auditable, and accessible via an API and an SDK.
Industry: Fintech
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn

HoloAsh, Inc.

Pitch: AI friend who encourages you to be positive.
Industry: AI & machine learning
Social Handles: LinkedIn


Pitch: Kuzen improves efficiency using conversational AI. Employees can access the SaaS from their chat app eliminating time waste from switches.
Industry: Enterprise software solutions.
Social Handles: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

Startups from Thailand

Thailand was represented by some amazing 20+ startups. Travel & Hospitality was the most popular industry vertical. Here are a few:

Event Banana

Pitch: #1 venue & catering integrated marketplace in South East Asia with over 2,000 venues and 200 caterers.
Industry: Travel & hospitality
Social Handles: Twitter | Facebook

StockRadars Point

Pitch: Radars Point let you invest by just shopping. When you buy stuff, just buy through us then just watch Radars Point grow!
Industry: Fintech
Social Handles: Twitter | Facebook


Pitch: Globish is the largest online English learning platform in Thailand and helps digitalize traditional school and corporate training.
Industry: Education
Social Handles: LinkedInFacebook

These were only a few startups from APAC region that we mentioned. To get the full list of European startups at Web Summit 2019, fill-up the form below!

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