A Good Sales Intelligence Strategy That Makes Email Marketing Tick

Sales Intelligence Strategy for better email marketing

Knowledge is power. The more you know about your customers, the better you sell. Sales intelligence is the only way in these modern times to gain information about the customer. Therefore, a sound sales intelligence strategy is needed to have an efficient email marketing campaigns.

In this world where social media is gaining dominance, email marketing still holds its own, pretty strongly too. It is easy, fast, and effective when done methodically.

Getting email marketing campaigns tick is an arduous task, analytical abilities, and consistency that would make an Olympic athlete proud.

Email marketing is the boss of the current generation. With an average ROI of $38 per $1 spent, it is incredibly rewarding, when done well.

Email marketing has indeed progressed from the batch and blast phase to clinically timed emails that are hyper-personalized. With offers that prospects cannot refuse, email marketing campaigns can bring in big money every time you plan it. 


A Multi-Pronged Approach to Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Understanding the organizational structure, budgets, tech stacks, personnel movement in real-time is challenging.

The digital footprint has become an essential part of sales intelligence. Form-fills, searches, content downloads, and other digital-marketing parameters together help to understand the client’s intent. It lets the salesperson know if he should approach the buyer.

So, the three parts of Sales Intelligence is:

Sales Intelligence Strategy and Email Satisfaction

The right sales intelligence is an amalgam of the correct contact data, opportunity data (signifies the current state of the opportunity), and digital footprint data act as an indicator of the intent of the prospect.

The right contact is the decisive decision-maker who influences the buy decision. The reporting structure, revenue, and technological environment become part of the target persona.

Upcoming business events, expansion plans, critical hiring can form the opportunity data. Opportunity data gives insight into the economic and organizational environment in the prospect company.

Intent data is vital for the prediction of success only if the necessary demographic and firmographic details are in place. They determine if there are sales favorable conditions. Intent data is the digital behavioral activity data that links target buyers and accounts to the solution or related topics.

Email Marketing strategy powered with sales intelligence

Now, with email marketing, it is essential to have a combination of tools working in tandem with other devices in your repository.

However, fine-tuning your email marketing campaigns is a giant task by itself. Then, making it work with your marketing strategy requires you to have the precision and patience of a neurosurgeon. Imagine the rewards you’ll reap when both of them work in perfect harmony!

Email marketing has its curves and roadblocks. To the average marketing professional, email can be used to sustain and keep prospects interested in them for a specified period. Most marketing campaigns that use email marketing do not rely on it to close the deal. Those that do have understood the dark forces that work behind it!  

This chart says all you need to know about the power and satisfaction levels of email marketing. It has the highest rates for all the various degrees of satisfaction! Now, getting your email marketing campaign to give you results is a whole different ball game.

We have discussed in previous posts as to how to nail email marketing effectively and use it consistently to improve lead numbers and qualified leads.

The age of buying large email lists and sending mass cold emails as part of the email marketing strategy is long gone.

Sales Intelligence Strategy and Email List
Source: Get Response Report 2019 (Average Result by List Size)

An extensive email list doesn’t mean higher click through rates. As the list size increases, the economy of scale doesn’t even apply anymore. The critical issue is you stop being relevant to your customers.

What Email Marketing Strategy Works?

The email marketing campaigns are moving towards event-driven and very targeted emails.

Source: Get Response 2019 (Email Effectiveness by Message Type)

Sales Intelligence can point you the direction of who are you sending it to and what they like. Sending automated emails triggered by their behavior concretes the evidence as well as resonates better.

Even RSS emails sent when you publish a new blog post becomes worth opening for them.

Newsletters and one-off emails still work. However, triggered emails bring the best results. They take the Top of Funnel Leads to the Bottom of the Funnel Leads.  

The reason is you are in the right place, at the right time with the right message going out.

When you get a message right after taking action, you’re more likely to read and respond to the email.

It is incredible, isn’t it!

The same is true if they find it exciting and relevant. So you need to know your audience (The information that the Sales and Marketing Team should have with the right Sales Intelligence Strategy.)

Marketing automation aids you in collecting relevant data along the customer journey – and you can use it to segment your list and personalize your content.

Adding tags to your contacts based on the products they click and browse makes data more actionable data, the more relevant your messages will be.

That’s why marketing automation with the right Sales Intelligence Strategy drives results.

Why Should Email Marketing and Sales Intelligence Strategy Align?

Creating trust is essential when dealing with large value deals. It is the essence of any B2B interaction. For this, email can be a capable assistant.

Email conversations are halfway there. You can communicate with your prospects effectively, knowing that they are reading your emails, and they can respond on their own time. You can shell out information effectively via email.

You can build this trust because you cannot take back what you have written and sent, and you create trust when you commit to something in writing. (Remember to back up your words-deliver as promised)

Sales Intelligence Strategy And Customer Acquisition Cost
New Customer Acquisition Cost is 5 Times More Expensive Than Existing Cost

Marketing is not just about generating leads and converting. Repeat business is essential to keep the business running. For this, both the tools are only as useful. Getting the new prospect to subscribe to your newsletter allows you to be part of their thought process.

You can always knock on their door for an upsell, knowing that they remember you. Moreover, you have absolute knowledge about them and their needs. It is this power that matters.

Combining Sales Intelligence Strategy and email marketing can be exceptionally rewarding when done well. Customers need attention, and both these tools have the power to enable them. Use them wisely and see how effective they can be.