09 Effective Ways to Close Sales Deals Using B2B Intelligence

B2B sales leads to closed leads

Despite the best efforts of your sales teams, results might not show up in terms of revenue generated and consistently takes a back seat. While there are many factors behind sales figures stagnating or spiralling downward, one significant reason could be the lack of intent prospect data.

Suppose your sales team is equipped with intent prospect data generated from the consumer’s digital footprints, they will be in a good position to strategize, build custom solutions, and convert every pitch into a business. But, this is only possible when sales and marketing teams work in unison right from strategy development to execution.


The role of the marketing teams is to define the roadmap and help identify insights or intelligence which the sales team can use to secure conversions consistently.

Here are 09 action points for sales and marketing teams to undertake for consistent business growth.

1.   Intent Prospects Identification

Marketing teams can capture digital footprints such as visits to high-value pages like a case study page, whitepaper downloads, demo sign-ups, feature page footfalls, and other metrics of measurements. The next step is to identify those prospects who are exhibiting signs of buyer intent. Once the intent buyers are recognized, your sales teams can dedicate more attention to their needs and develop tailor-made solutions to crack deals.

2.   Prospect Behavior Monitoring

Suppose salespersons are not alerted about prospects’ intent behavior on time. In such scenarios you end up losing your prospect to competition. In a process to streamline alerts management, it is vital to ensure tasks are assigned to salespersons from a dedicated resource or a team monitoring prospect intent behavior. This will ensure that your sales team connects with the prospect in a timely manner and initiates a high-level personalized pitch for deal closure.

3.   Adopt Gated Content Strategies

The concept of gated content is a common tactic growth marketers adopt to generate leads. By providing access to visitors upon filling up a form help create a prospect list which can be used by your sales team. Twinned with secondary offers or effective call to actions drive deeper engagement and generate more clicks and downloads.

The prospects that are responsive to CTAs like book a demo, download a whitepaper, avail sample data, etc., leave behind behavior that can inform your sales team and help them convert them into customers.

4.   Conversational Marketing

Being on the top of mind of the prospects is one of the critical challenges both marketers and sales face. Chatbots have a massive potential for integrating into the demand generation process. Usages of chatbots in conversational marketing have increased the rate of sales engagement with web visitors and other prospects.  If the current behavioral trend holds, there’s an even stronger case for including chatbots on action pages, to identify more highly motivated opportunities, and connect them to a sales representative immediately.

5.   Focus on progression

Invest in content tailored for lead progression as much you do for lead capture. Help the lead progress from initial interest towards purchase intent. Tactics and frequency of touchpoints should change based on the solution you sell and buy cycle.

6.  Traverse the Path with Your Customer

The customer journey can be perilous and long to move from the first contact to purchase intent. Sales smoothly sail and make the journey with marketing acting as a rudder, guiding through the treacherous waters. Slow down and walk at the pace of the customer even if it means taking a long meandering path. Pushing the customer and fast-tracking the journey can make them feel uneasy and exit from the conversion funnel.

7.   Become a Subject Matter Expert

Salesperson who turns into advisors is most likely to get away with deals. Deals close faster if the sales team’s ability to demonstrate an understanding of the buyer’s company. Therefore, educating and informing the prospect can turn you into a valuable and trusted advisor. As a sales person, provide insights and solutions that are relevant to them and position yourself as a subject matter expert.

8.   Let Your Client Educate You

Every time you meet or talk with a prospect or client is an opportunity of great learning. Your clients can and will educate you. For faster results, ask questions. Ask about what matters to your clients. Ask them to share with you some insights and see if you can pick up points you can address and help them solve their problems.

9.   Imitate the Best

The fastest way to growth is to imitate and then innovate. Imitate and take whatever possible from behavior, beliefs, way they talk, and other behavioral patterns. Apply them and deconstruct them and take away whatever works. Understanding the way a specific problem was solved is faster than applying a new concept and solving it.

The Bottom Line

Sales intelligence is vital for continued business growth. To ensure growth is constant, you need a third-party data specialist to ease your task of intent prospects creation. Ampliz offers B2B data solutions that increase your sales pipeline and provide a great momentum a business needs.