7 Tips on How to use LinkedIn as a Healthcare Sales Prospecting Tool?

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In 2022, Linkedin is not limited to recruiters and job seekers. As its tagline goes “Do business where business is done”. This is true!

Salespeople who use Linkedin for prospecting acquire tons of new opportunities. However, there are plenty who are either missing out or are not aware of the potential of LinkedIn for prospecting. It is the most used social media platform by Fortune 500 companies with 63 million decision-makers among its users. 

Linkedin has over 700 million professionals and decision-makers, thus becoming the gold mine for acquiring prospective information, building relationships, and generating leads. 

But just having a LinkedIn profile doesn’t mean you are “on LinkedIn”. The leads and business prospects you are looking for will not start pouring in. Being there is important but being there is nearly not enough. Be it effective sales prospecting and customer engagement, you would have to regularly and proactively use the network for sales prospecting. 

LinkedIn as a Healthcare Sales Prospecting Tool

Many times, salespeople worry that they will be too intrusive and interruptive while engaging with decision-makers on LinkedIn. But in reality, it’s not. LinkedIn can be your way to go sales prospecting tool irrespective of your business for starting conversations, building relationships, offering valuable insights, and solutions to everyone’s problems. 

This platform works on a sale technique that enables better sales to lead generation and sales prospecting process that eliminates the need for cold mailing. According to HubSpot, “the use of Social Media in sales enables the salespeople to delight their business prospects rather than interrupt them with cold calls, and hard sales”. But if you don’t know the art of selling on LinkedIn, then being there is not enough.

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So, how you can get the most out of your LinkedIn profile? 

7 Tips to use Linkedin as the Healthcare Sales prospecting Tool

Be Selective with Profile

While searching for business prospects on LinkedIn, pay attention to prospect profiles the most. Scan their current employment status by reviewing their work history, about me section, industry interests, and future projects. Also, review the group memberships, companies these prospects are following, and their recent activity. Going forward this way will enable you to find the clues that whether that person is a potential business prospect is or not. 

Value Time

While contacting a business prospect on LinkedIn, instead of wasting time in introducing yourself, do some homework beforehand. Figure out the pain points of the business prospects, plan a questionnaire accordingly, and answer the questions beforehand to get rid of end-time hiccups. This tip might sound old but it is still relevant, and true today. 

Put Yourself in their shoes

If you want to be seen as an insightful consultative salesperson to your clients then start showing what you are to your business prospect beyond their clients. Think about what is important for your business prospects, the challenges they are facing, and how your product or service can benefit them. Instead of just sending the plain introduction email, find and share the content that could help them alleviate those problems by bringing innovations and thinking. 

Don’t advise, start showcasing

While looking for a business prospect, instead of telling them what to do, start showing what your services can do. For example- if you are a B2B data seller, you must show up to your business prospects where you see the need for an email list in their business. Providing information along with the potential benefits keeps your cold emails getting away from the recycle bin. 

Be Courteous

To be a successful salesperson requires understanding sales compensation and the art of cold emailing. Hence, it is crucial to be courteous and respectful of your time and efforts. If your potential business prospect is not bringing little economic value to your efforts and time, then do yourself a big favor learn to say “NO” courteously. Being courteous can transform the no interest to tomorrow’s client as thing changes. 

Slide into DMs

Making a connection with new clients are a must to accelerate your business growth, but reconnecting with old clients might be fruitful for getting long-term business partners. Instead of messaging them for a call or meeting, just correlate their challenges with your product and service. And let them know how your service is all that they need in their business. By following this tip you might be surprised to know the new people who might start to see you in. 

Make Sales Prospecting A Habit

To get your next business prospects you need to be proficient in using LinkedIn and Social media. Being there on LinkedIn is not enough, it’s vital to be social, add value, be the part of the community you want to be part of, and above all make sales prospecting a habit. LinkedIn is an activity, not an outcome and you need to understand the difference between these two. 

When it comes to Healthcare sales prospecting, social selling is a big thing. And if you are not using LinkedIn yet for sales prospecting, then you are missing the chance to scale your business growth.

With your existing network on LinkedIn, you can accelerate the chance of getting new clients and business prospects. So, what you are waiting for, use LinkedIn as an effective sales prospecting tool and let the world reach out to you.