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We're looking for forward thinking companies to join our Ampliz Partner Program

Partnerships are what win battles. The biggest businesses today have one thing in common- they have working relations with other businesses that open up avenues and opportunities that never existed before.

We have a full suite of business processes and tools that are designed to create and propagate your marketing ideas to the right target audience. Why don't we combine forces and make it a lot better? We currently run tie-ups with some of the largest agencies and resellers who use our resources to make their marketing work for them.

The Agency pricing model that we choose to go with allows you the flexibility to do these things.

  1. No long term contract
  2. No finer print headaches
  3. No contractual obligations
  4. Pay as you sell

Ampliz is ideal for the following partnerships

We can work together to improve your reach and scope. You can use every product and service we have and brand it all for yourself. This increases your portfolio, improves your margins, creates new opportunities, and helps you create relationships that will last for a long time.

We will provide you with tailor-made reseller programs that suit your needs. Be it marketing services, automation tools or data, you can use us as a platform to sell to your prospects.

A partnership works both ways. You can use our tremendous reach and resource pool to super charge your products and services. We understand how much a well placed and effective partner can mean to the business.

Growth is the driving factor here. With the possibilities that partnerships provide, we are looking for agencies in media and advertising who share common goals to come onboard with us and combine forces to improve the services we render.

Imagine the synergies we can create! The possibilities are endless. The best part is- we do it on your own terms. No strings attached, no finer print and no terms and conditions apply. If business gets done, we are both winners. Marketing is an intense sector and combining forces is the best way to maximize your reach and facilitate the growth of your brand.

If you are looking for a partner who's in it to win it, then Ampliz is the right one. We have ample experience in this field and have worked with many businesses, amplifying their reach and improving bottom lines.

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