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Overview of oncologist's mailing list

Getting a competitive advantage within the healthcare industry requires you to have an efficient and fast paced prospecting tool. You need verified and up to date contact information of doctors and allied service providers for good demand generation campaigns. Progressive demand building requires data that is current and verified. Ampliz gives you access to one of the largest and most powerful healthcare datasets of oncologists marketing data. Superior data segmentation and verification methods have been applied to ensure that all the available datasets on Ampliz are of high value.

Generating demand within oncologists takes effort and sustainable processes. You cannot run prospecting campaigns without access to high quality data of healthcare professionals. The time and effort required to get access to this type of data is high and results can be varied. To enhance your chances of hitting the right target market, you need the help of a great prospecting tool that is designed and developed with that particular function in mind. Generate ample amounts of interest for your product/ services with the verified Ampliz oncologists email addresses list in a matter of minutes. Once you login, you have a dedicated search area that gives you unrestricted access to only healthcare contacts database. To make things even easier, all the data is segmented and tagged to 25 filters which makes contact search faster and proficient.

List creation should not be a onetime affair. It should be done with future prospecting campaigns in mind. This is why Ampliz helps you build your prospecting foundation with a solid base of verified and current data. The problems this eliminates are multiple and the results you get from this type of marketing email list are multi-fold.

The oncologists email dataset currently on Ampliz is the most viable solution used by marketers today for efficient prospecting campaigns. The fully verified list has contact details, email address, switchboard and direct phone numbers, physical addresses of company with details of latest employment, LinkedIn profiles and attributes that allow you to run targeted marketing campaigns of oncologists. Ampliz has the fastest search engine for internal database search in the market which reduces the time you need to create your own mailing list that you can save and/or download.

Oncologists email addresses searchable data includes:

job title

Job Titles

Multi level segmentation of all the data according to specific job titles is enabled on the full set of searchable Ampliz data, giving you quick and verified results.



Search and download based on specific industry from the Ampliz login by keying in your criteria.



High level filtration is enabled up to department levels allowing you to create your own well defined email prospecting list for database marketing.

Run smart marketing campaigns with the Ampliz Advantage

With advanced filters applied to the dataset, searching for specific criteria is not difficult with Ampliz. Multiple contact information and segmented data allows you to get exact match results to your query. The oncologists prescription data set gives you complete access to the prescriptions assigned by oncologists. All data is pre verified via multiple channels such as email, phone and social media handles.

Some of the prominent features of the Ampliz database and prospecting platform

  • Pre verified contacts only
  • No duplicates
  • Pre segmented
  • Flag an inaccurate contact
  • Global and local data rules compliant
  • Send email directly from the platform
  • Free AmpSync chrome extension for LinkedIn

Standard attributes associated with all contact information on Ampliz

  • Contact name
  • Title
  • Email address
  • Business contact number
  • Company name
  • State
  • Industry
  • Department
  • Physical address
  • Revenue
  • Company size
  • SIC code
  • City
  • Level
  • Phone Number

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