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Communicate, Connect & Close Deals

Ampliz offers the agility to monitor you customers’ journey and sales cycle effortlessly.
Our in-built CRM enables you to communicate rightly, build strong connection, and close sales deal seamlessly.

Reach Customers In More Than One Medium

Send Customer Emails

No more juggling between different screens, you can send sales email through a single inbox keeping all your customers emails in your CRM.

Make Customer Call

Start a conversation with a single click. You can also use call analytics for initiating contextual conversation and measure performance.

Engage With Social

Manage all social networking sites like LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Share, Engage and monitor trends and generate leads directly from social media.

Leverage All Your Customers’ Contacts!

Ampliz helps you to manage all your customer contacts and analyse your sales cycle seamlessly. Create a great customer experience with a role base multi-user accounts to our secured sales CRM.

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We Help You Organize, Track, and Sell

We Believe In Results!

See What Our Customers Have To Say …

In just 8 months we were able to meet our marketing goals and delivers using Ampliz Marketing Database Management platform.

Their user-friendly, and in-built CRM, timely reports and analysis helps you to strategize your future email marketing goals.

- Monique Hohnberg

Ampliz easy-to-use CRM helped us to manage, update, and control our customer contacts as well as leads. We reached right prospects, sent several campaigns to potential buyers, and it was great way to manage contacts, and leads throughout our sales journey.

- Melonie Dodaro

We are using Ampliz exclusively for email marketing campaigns platform from past one year. We earned high quality leads, and closed at least 4 sales in just six months, thanks to Ampliz in-built CRM, which made it easy for our internal sales team to use it effortlessly.

- Ian Cleary

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