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Reach out new movers market with Ampliz. Our movers mailing list is compiled from our new movers database like proprietary Change of Address data, home buyers and sellers list, apartment renters, corporate climbers and other multiple sources to deliver a broad and more in-depth new movers’ customer information.

Accurate Movers List
Accurate Movers List

At Ampliz, our team carries extensive research as per your requirements and delivers an in-depth, industry specific and accurate new movers list.

Optimize Radius Marketing
Optimize Radius Marketing

Optimise your radius marketing strategy with geographically segments in new movers’ mailing list. Select locations and increase or decrease the radius based on the density of the population around your business and further select your movers mailing list by any geographic parameters like street, zip code, city, and state.

Multi-Sourced Database
Multi-Sourced Database

Ampliz Movers List is compiled by matching it against the most reliable data resources, like COA Data, phone services records, local buyers-sellers list and other database with 100% obtained information of new movers.

How does it works?

Define Customer Segmentation and Download Your New Movers ListWe Auto-Match Your Customer Data Using Real-Time Multiple API Keys

Upload Your Data, define your customer segmentations, we auto-match it against our proprietary
7 million customer information and other multi-sourced data and create the New Movers Mailing List as per your business requirements.

1. Upload Data your Requirement

Upload the customer information with which you want us to create a new movers list. We accept all formats of files.

2. Define Customer Segmentation

Once your customer data is received, define us the parameters on which you us to create new movers list. We create movers list on the basis of following are customer segmentation fields, and thus, you may select the fields as per your business size, type and requirements

  • Age
  • Household Income
  • Size of Family
  • No. of Children
  • Asset Information
  • Ethnicity
  • Geographic
  • Net Worth Insurance
  • Mail Responsive Info
  • Type of House Ownership
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies & Interest
  • Revenues (For B2B Customers)
  • Move Distance Radius

3. Data Processing

Once the customer data is uploaded and the customer segmentation is defined we initiate our data processing to create the new movers list by matching it against our proprietary database and other 100% reliable multi-sourced data.

4. New Movers List

After data processing we create a movers list in-line with your requirements and send you a notification through mail.

5. Download:

Once we send you the notification that your new movers list is created, you may purchase it and download it with single click.

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