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Eliminate Duplication with Merge-Purge

Ampliz provides you an affordable and easy-to-use tool that eliminates duplication from your customer database.

Get High-Quality Email Lists

Ampliz Merge Purge service helps you to avoid duplicate entries, and thus delivers accurate and segmented customer information.

Our Email append software is flexible as per your requirements. Select the subscription as per your business type, size, and befitting your email marketing goals

Self-Service Software

Append your email List hassle free with our easy to use and Self-Service Software. Our interface is user friendly, enabling you to access server, and control your Email lists from anywhere using a web browser.

100% opt-in Email Database

Add missing email address and update your customer database with 100% legally obtained Business Email Address

Real-Time Multiple APIs

With Ampliz Multiple API keys, you can match against broad, rich sets of data in real time, thus optimizing your Our Five-APIs you get the high quality and accurate business email addresses.

Maximum Match Rate

Get highest quality match rate by matching your customer database with our in-house database having 7+Million customer information and other reliable external database.

Safe To Use

We match your customer data against a complete permission-based email database. Our Email Append Software operates in full compliance with CAN SPAM ACT Guidelines.

Keep Your Email List Clean Using Our Merge Purge Service

65-80% Match Rate

Your customer database is matched against our in-house database and other reliable external sources and appended with accurate, updated email addresses to deliver 100% Match Rates.

100% CAN-SPAM Compliance

Every step of data processing and encryption is in 100% compliance with CAN-SPAM.

7 Million Records

We match your email list against a 7 million+ database and other quality multi-sourced data.

How does it work?

We Merge Your Mailing List, Compare With All Industry Segmentation & Other Data Intersections Too

Upload your email subscribers list, we will process it to detect the duplicate files, and thus remove unwanted duplicate entries. We also perform segmentation on customer information.

1. One Format List

Once you upload your files, our team converts them to one format to run an accurate merge-purge procedure.

Our email validating tool ensures that the integration is in line with ISP email format rules. It reduces junk and results in maximum number of valid email addresses.

2. Check Your List Priority

After list conversion, we initiate the count approval by checking the input quantities and ensuring that you receive all the lists you ordered. We double-check that your list priorities are correctly met before the merge-purge process begins. This is a very simple, yet crucial step to ensure error-free data before the merge-purge process begins.

3. Standardization

The Postal Service of the respective country and other various proprietary change-of-address databases will be used for current customer details. A standard format can fix the misspelled errors like names, addresses, abbreviation and more. Hence, matching in merge-purge is accurate and data is updated with standardization.

4. Matching Criteria

We follow a Matching Criteria for all data inputs to get maximum output of merge-purge depending on your business objective:

(a)Address: In this criteria, entries are matched exclusively on the addresses and Name fields are completely ignored.
(b)Household: For this match criteria, the First names are ignored; and entries are matched on the basis of Last Names and Addresses.
(c)Full name and address: Nothing is ignored, all inputs must match.

5. Re-check & Count Approval

Here, we re-check the records and count of entries, and like the above-mentioned steps, this too is important and should not be skipped.

Upload Your subscribers List

Increase Mail Responses With Hygienic & Segmented Email Lists

At Ampliz Merge Purge process we not only merge your email list but also send it to suppression list and Label Multi-Buyers too to deliver an optimal clean email database.

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