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Ampliz SalesBuddy is a sales intelligence platform that deploys machine learning to help you find prospect data that aligns with your core criteria and helps you identify similar prospects, enabling personalized communication with your prospects.

With our sales intelligence platform backed with advanced machine learning algorithms, you will have all the information you need to identify the right prospects in a click of a button, so that you stay focused on facilitating meaningful customer conversations and less time searching for contact information.

SalesBuddy works alongside chrome. When you open the company’s website, SalesBuddy pops up with useful information about your prospects. Information about their Company, Revenue, prospect’s name, designation, contact details etc. are provided for easy access. Ampliz SalesBuddy also lets you export that data to an excel sheet if you would like it on your system.

We would love to hear from you. For any of your concerns or clarifications you can connect with us through our chat window at the website.. You can also feel free to reach out on our toll free number +1 (844) 289-3513 or drop an email on . Please be rest assured to receive a response from our team as soon as we hear from you.


The plugin will soon be available at the Chrome Web Store and at the Ampliz Website for easy installation. The EARLY BIRD signups are in place. You could avail premium features and earn free credits on our Freemium version.

Ampliz SalesBuddy fits your chrome browser without any additional or technical requirements.

The plugin does not work on Mobile.

Yes, SalesBuddy works efficiently with Chrome.
No, installing this plugin does not alter any information you have on your system.

Freemium Access

For an early sign-up you can access about 50 credits through the Freemium version every month.

Drop us an email on to learn more about pricing basis your specifications

A credit implies a contact. Every time you view or save a contact through SalesBuddy this implies that you have used one credit. Once you sign up for our Early bird Freemium access, you are given 50 credits. Wait not, hit the website and grab the opportunity.

Drop us an email on and we will share details on this.

Product Details

Ampliz SalesBuddy always strives to provide you data that is legit and genuine with 90% accuracy. As Early bird users, you are welcome to share your opinions on the same and provide relevant information if you identify any discrepancies in the data quality and we will strive to give you the best data there is.
To begin with simply relax. Ampliz SalesBuddy helps you find your ideal prospects in no time. All you have to do is to get the plugin installed and set the parameters you’re looking at. The Plugin calculates the match percentage and provides you with all the prospect information you need. It just doesn’t stop at that, it also suggests similar companies in accordance to the parameters you set, to get more relevant leads that ultimately drives more business.
Based on the parameters you have provided, Ampliz SalesBuddy travels around the web to find and filter the data in accordance with your parameters. Based on this matching, SalesBuddy scores your prospects. A score of above 70 depicts a great fit and less than that implies an average fit.
Based on your parameters, Ampliz SalesBuddy finds relevant prospects apart from the ones you have on your mind to increase your sales pipeline & revenue.
Contextual Intelligence is a channel that will help us understand the additional information fields that you will need to optimize your prospecting process. For now we have included Top 6 fields that sales professionals wish to seek information on. Your comments and requests via contextual intelligence will help us understand and build additional fields that you wish to seek more information on.

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We gather data from various public and private data sources and provide business intelligence from a variety of sources including social presence, company websites, legal filings, crowdsourcing, and more. This data is further mapped with machine learning algorithms and segmented as per key attributes like Role, Seniority, Revenue etc. Followed by this process, the segmented data goes through a multi-channel verification process before it’s dispatched to you.
To begin with we have five parameters fixed that include Location, Revenue, Employee count, Industry & Department. Basis your preferences around these parameters, you can discover the prospect compatibility score. The higher the score, the greater the scope. In the contextual intelligence section share what are the fields you’d like to seek information on. Basis your feedback we will build the additional features you’d like.
Yes you can export the data onto your system on an CSV format
We are in the process of developing a video that can assist you. In the interim you can connect with us via the Live Chat or write to us on and we will take you through the assistance you need.
We would love to hear from you. Kindly drop us an email on and we will ensure your feedback is incorporated.




Make quick data driven decisions with Ampliz SalesBuddy

Want to Make Prospecting Easy and Focus on What Matters Most?

Ampliz SalesBuddy is the only tool you need to easily find the right prospects and connect with them.

Sign up to get early access and win 50 FREE credits!

Want to Make Prospecting Easy and Focus on What Matters Most?

Ampliz SalesBuddy is the only tool you need to easily find the right prospects and connect with them.

Sign up to get early access and win 50 FREE credits!