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Use Ampliz De-Duplication not only for a back-up and disaster recovery applications, but it also helps to release free space for new data storage too. De-duplication reduces the storage space, restores data and also speed up data processing other company storage system.

Optimize Customer Data using Ampliz De-Duplication

Reduced Storage Allocation
Reduced Storage Allocation

Ampliz De-Duplication reduces the storage capacity up to 90-95 percent

Data Back-up
Data Back-up

Data Backup It restores the back-up for disaster recovery applications too.

Build Brand Image
Build Brand Image

Target right users with custom audiences’ on Facebook pages and Twitter handle. Increase your followers, shares, likes, etc and keep trending on social media to build strong brand reputation.

How does it works?

We make your customer data more efficient using our proprietary De-Duplication Software

De-Duplication can be done either 'in-line' (means as the data is flowing), or 'post-process' (means after the data is stored). Both of these methods has it's own distinctive characteristics.

1. Post-process De-Duplication

In this method, the data is first stored, and then later it's processed and analysed to lookup for data duplication.

2. In-line De-Duplication

In this process of deduplication, first the hash calculations are created on the target device as and when the data is entered in the real-time, and if device spots a block which is already stored on the system it does not create new block, it just updates the existing block with the required changes.Upload your customers’ email list via our secure FTP server.

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De-duplicated Database Saves More Time & Money

Get more business by generating more lucrative deals and minimizing the redundancy. Ampliz De-duplication minimizes data duplication, offers benefits of SDFS and thus makes IOPS efficient.

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