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Measure Marketing Data Quality
Using Seven Dimensions

A Guide to Get High Quality Database

A high quality data has numerous benefits but at the same time it’s difficult to measure it. Due to advanced technology you can access enormous customer information. But unfortunately a high volume data does not equate to high quality data. This white paper defines quality of data, and provides solutions for challenges associated while obtaining quality data by using seven dimensions.

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What’s Inside?

1. Introduction to Data Quality
2. Key Insights into Benefits of High Quality Data
3. Seven Dimensions to Your Data Quality:
Data Precision | Relevance | Cost-Effective | Data Intelligence | Encapsulated | Comprehensive | Regulatory Compliance
4. Solutions to Maintain High Quality Data

“High quality data is defined as the customers’ contacts which are ‘Fit-To-Use’ for the intended operational purpose to meet company’s business and marketing objectives.”

Actionable Tips

  • Rate your data quality by using seven dimensions.
  • Open more than one marketing channel by using data appending solutions.
  • Maintain high quality of your marketing database by using data verification tools.
  • Avoid Bad data consequences by using suppression list, merge purge and de-duplication
  • Get clear picture of your customer and prospects with Data Intelligence
  • Get maximum ROI from your marketing activities with high quality data.

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