Collect data from multiple sources.


Classify data by pre-defined or custom fields.


Store each & every data on a unified and secured platform.


Find contacts with multi-segmentation filters.

Unify Your Data From Multiple Sources On a Single Platform!

Ampliz makes it easy to collect, edit, and save data collected from multiple data sources on a unified platform. Leverage each and every data you own, by compiling all your contacts from various sources and in various format like PDF, xls, text, cvs on a unified, secured, dedicated server.

Ampliz provides you with a framework to unify data from more than one sources like;

  • Contact Forms: Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, JotForms, TypeForm, LinkedIn Gen Forms
  • Work Collaboration: Trello, Asana, Teamwork, GoogleTask.
  • Cloud Storage: amazon cloud Front, Google Drive, Quickbooks, OneDrive
  • CRM: HubspotCRM, ZohoCRM, Salesforce, RedTail, SugarCRM
  • External Database Storage: Amazon DynamoDB, Azure, MongoDB
  • Payment Gateways: Amazon Web services, WooCommerce, Big Commere
  • Marketing Automation: Hubspot, MailChimp, Active Campaign, Benchmark, SendGrid
  • ERPs: OpenERP, WP All Export Pro
  • Text & Call Management: REdBooth, SMSBy Zapier, Twilio, SMSFactor
  • Social Media: Facebook Lead Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.
Store, Manage & Retrieve Data Seamlessly

We Structure Your Data Smartly!

Optimize your customer contacts by classifying datasets in multiple categories with defined and custom fields.

You can easily edit, rename, and save on a secured infrastructure. This makes it easy to search intended contact and access them.

Ampliz helps you to compare, and classify, your data a structured way.

  • Categorize & Consolidate similar datasets with pre-defined and custom fields.
  • Label & Tag your data by creating multiple subsets of customer contacts.
  • Classify, edit & Save your data in various format like Doc., .xls, PDF, text

Store Your Data On A Secured Infrastructure!

Keep your data safe on our cloud-based and robust data hosting platform. You can access, edit, and store your data from anywhere with multi-accounts.

Ampliz stores your data following parameters;

  • Type of Data Source: Internal DB, web services, CRM, LeadGen forms and other external data sources.
  • Format of Data: Structured, Semi-Structured & Un-structured.
  • Frequency: Import data using both Batching & Real-time upload.
  • Secured Infrastructure: Your data is stored with multi-layer authentication on a secured & dedicated server.
  • Multi-user Accounts: Data can be accessed from anywhere using role-based multi-users accounts.
Ampliz enables you to
Collect, classify & Consolidate Your Data!

Search, Find & Download!

Our user friendly search interface enables you to search your target customer contacts seamlessly. With multi-select categories you can simply search, find, and download desired contact lists with a single click.

You can Segmentation and Targeting With 120 plus segmentation & customer profiling you can find contacts by;

  • Company: Name, Type of Business, Technology Used, Size Employs, Company Revenue.
  • Industry List: Type of industry, technology used, Type of Business, SIC Code, Sub SIC Code.
  • Person: Name, Job title, Annual Income, Employee Name.
  • Demographics: Gender, Household Income, Marital Status, residence data, credit information, and other attributes.
From Mapping Leads To Measure Revenue Impact,
Ampliz Has it All!


We provide data hosting for both small & large e-commerce enterprise. We keep your data secured & structured for online sales as well as retail business.


Use our cloud based Data Hosting platform to manage patient medical records to privacy requirements & space saving archiving solutions.


Our robust data hosting deliver seamless user experience across all travel booking infrastructures. Consolidate all clients’ contacts securely to transform your enterprise & scaling up.

IT Services

IT companies can store their enterprise & technology specific data on a dedicated cloud-based server. This helps them to operate faster, reduce costs & expand their applications business.


HR, Admin & Recruitment companies can seamless store their employee information like attendance & payroll to save time & improve efficiency.