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Our platform is a dynamic storage system containing emails, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and social media profiles added through data appending solutions.


Email Appending

What we do?
We update your customer data by adding valid and accurate business email addresses. We match your contact lists against leading database having millions of customer records using multiple APIs and proprietary algorithms delivering real-time results.

Benefits of Email Append:

  • Reach the right customers & prospects
  • Get more repeat business
  • Create brand awareness
  • Ensure cost-effective email campaigns
  • Launch omni-channel marketing strategy
  • Send timely updates & alerts to customers

Why Ampliz Email Append?

Get Maximum Match Rates!

  • We Keep Your Data Safe: We run in compliance of CAN-SPAM Act & Anti-Spam Policy. We do multi-factor authentication, Role-Based Access Controls and prevent SQL injection vulnerabilities.
  • High Quality Database: Match against millions of high-quality in-house customer data and other external multi-source database.
  • Get Real-time Results
  • Cloud Based Solution

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Reverse Email Append

What we do?
Email Append is a vital tool for an effective email marketing communication. But what if you already have a list of email addresses? With Reverse Email Append tool, you can strengthen the customer relationship by adding a matching name, postal address and other contact information to your email database. Get all contact information of customers using reverse email append and send marketing campaigns to customers on their preferred platforms.

Benefits of Reverse Email Append:

  • Create effective direct marketing campaigns
  • Send personalized email campaigns
  • Optimize multi-channel strategy
  • Learn more about your customers

Why to use Ampliz for Reverse Email Append?

  • Optimize tele-marketing strategies
  • Send direct mails to your customers
  • Accelerate the transaction process
  • Get 30 unique customer profile segments

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Phone Append

What we do?
We optimize your telemarketing efforts by expanding your customer database with landline, private business, VOIPs, and wireless phone numbers. Ampliz delivers on-time and comprehensive appending service with industry-specific match rates for competitive prices.

Benefits of Phone Append:

  • Save time and money with verified phone numbers
  • Get complete industry specific match rates
  • Provide effective & efficient Telemarketing communication
  • Reach maximum customers via direct phone numbers
  • Boost sales lead generation

Why to use Ampliz for Phone Append?

  • Get Maximum Append Rates!
  • Match against millions of records in our Database
  • Ensures Data Protection
  • 24/7 Automation Support
  • Quick Turnaround

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Reverse Phone Append

What we do?
We append your business and consumer phone contacts by updating it with direct postal address, valid email addresses, identifies callers’ name, geographical locations. Get complete customers’ contacts using our Reverse Phone Append in real-time.

Benefits of Reverse Phone Append:

  • Get complete Customer Contacts
  • Accelerate Transaction Process
  • Identify Callers Name, Business, and Location
  • Personalize Your Telemarketing Campaigns
  • Reach Customers via More Than One Medium

Why to use Ampliz for Reverse Phone Append?

  • Get Industry Specific Append Rates!
  • Real-time Results at Speed of Seconds
  • We Follow TCPA Regulations
  • We Keep Your Data Safe
  • Auto-match Against Multi-Source Database
  • '24/7 Automation' and 'Batch Processing'

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Mailing Address Append

What we do?
We append your customer database with the latest information only. Choosing Ampliz helps you send direct mails to your customers and prospects at their new business and personal addresses.

Benefits of Mailing Address Append:

  • Reach the customers' doorstep
  • Reinforce customer retention
  • Enable one more touch point
  • Accelerate conversion rates
  • Launch omni-channel marketing
  • Send personalized marketing campaigns

Why to use Ampliz for Mailing Address Append?

  • More than 70% of mailing addresses
  • Latest & legitimate mailing addresses
  • Industry-specific mailing addresses
  • Quick turnaround
  • User-friendly Software
  • We append 'No Obligation Consumer Address'

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Social Media Append

What we do?
We auto-match your customer contacts against millions of social profile database. Experts append your database with the latest, active social media accounts. You can get more insight into your customers’ buying behavior and preferences by using authenticated Social Media Profiles.

Benefits of Reverse Phone Append:

  • Great brand exposure
  • Meet quality prospects
  • Grow your audience & customer database
  • Connect with influencer
  • Launch integrated marketing campaigns
  • Send personalized on-line campaigns

Why to use Ampliz for Social Media Append?

  • Minimal investment
  • Get quick results
  • Millions of active social accounts
  • Multiple social media profiles

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