Is it ok to resend emails to non-openers? Here’s how to do it smartly

Your open rates are a significant parameter to watch out for during email campaigns. Generally, it is considered that a low open rate means a poor performing campaign. So what do you do? You go back and come up with a better campaign! That seems like the logical conclusion. There are some who do think about another tactic. That is resend emails which is the same campaign to non-openers. This isn’t a popular concept but it is done, once in a while. Most of us would cringe at the idea of doing this. Our conclusion would be that we would not get better returns. But then, there isn’t really a strong case against this process too.

Be a resend hero

As with anything in general, if you do something carefully and with precision, it does turn out to give you a positive result. The same holds true for anything related to resending mails. It is not just about turning back the emails and sending it to the non responders.

One crucial element you have to always remember is this- open rates is not always what they seem like. If the recipient has actually opened the mails and not displayed the images, you will get a non read receipt. So, sending to these people can become an issue as they have already read your mail. There is nothing much you can do about this. Most popular email service providers have worked around this by categorizing header downloads as an open. This entire business is tricky. Hence, if you are really considering low open rates as a parameter of email campaign performance, you really need to know exactly what open rates are.


This formula is universally acknowledged as the standard operating procedure to calculate open rates. Another thing to remember is that if your email is text only; there is no way to record open rates, as it is an HTML code that does the work for you. The better you understand open rates and how they can be a dicey metric to deal with, the easier it becomes for you to create a list to resend your email campaign to.

There are certain essential steps that you can follow to ensure that you don’t get unsubscribe requests.

Prioritize your emails

Is it really important resending this email? Sending and resending every email that isn’t open is surely an annoying thing to do. It will not only create a bad reputation among your readers, your campaign health and IP stability will decrease. Select a certain few emails that you think are the best in the lot (its ok, we know you want all of them to be the best, but hey, who we kidding here), which have received above average opens and then resend them. Don’t make it a habit.

Why didn’t they open?

Well, this seems to be the first question that comes to my mind when we get low open rates. I need to know the reasons it has failed or done poorly. Understanding this can give you rare insights into your campaign process and such. There might be mistakes you may have overlooked. If a subscriber is consistently avoiding opening your emails, you would rather ask them why than sending them the mails over and over again. Remember, email marketing is expensive. Resend only if you really must.

Make subtle changes

Your email subject line may not be all that good; your images might be taking too long to load, or failing to download altogether. The text may be too fruity, too salty or doesn’t make sense at all. You can make some changes and resend and see what happens. Introspection is important when thinking about email resending. If it is an offer, you can always add, ‘Last Chance’ and other such time bound statements.

Analyze more

Try starting your resend campaign on a small note. Keep the numbers to a minimum and tight. Know all the values well before sending and also why you want to send it. After sending, keep a close watch on the metrics. If there is a positive response, then the resend worked. If it doesn’t show any change, then it is of no consequence. You might as well not have sent it at all. If there is a negative response, we suggest you do not mess with the resending again. Try to improve your current campaigns and work on your send list.

Resending is a tricky affair to begin with. It needs caution time, precision and additional research. Resending is not easy and we advice it not to be done by someone who is not really a veteran in email marketing. Play your cards wisely.

Michael anderson

Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.

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