What Is Intent Data and 4 Ways It Can Help Your Marketing Campaigns

Innovation drives change. Staying latent and continuing just the same old practices will only give you results that are poor and even negative. Today, the customer needs more which invariably begs the question, is marketing ready to give more? Intent data is not new to the marketing realm but it is seldom taken seriously while planning. The reason for this is lack of knowledge about the matter and how much it can help you. The what leads us to the why and then we can build on the how. Knowing intent is the closest you as a marketing can come to understanding what your customer needs, isn’t that impetus enough to learn and use intent data within your marketing campaigns?

What is Intent Data?

Data is everywhere. It is the building block of every marketing campaign. The basics of data have already been explained in a previous blog post by us. There are various types, sets and sub sets of data that can be used individually and collectively while running campaigns. This data can give you insights and information-yes, but how much can you extract and what are the tools you use? This isn’t a glamorous profession and data analysts have to shift through millions of data sets to extract a pound of raw information. The metrics involved in this process are gargantuan and you need a slick set of technology to help you achieve these goals.

What you extract from these data sets can be loosely defined as intent data. There are reasons for this. One being that you get to analyse patterns. These patterns give you a fair idea of what these components are probably predisposed to do. This information will power your marketing campaigns, improve targeting and yield better results.

Now to shorten this process is the trick. Yes, you can do analysis and forensic studies of the information you have, but there is a way to bypass this process and hit the big time in an easy way. Presenting Intent Data.

Let us explain this in a lucid and simple manner by taking the help of an example.
Imagine Mr John is a sales rep for a reputed healthcare service provider. He visits doctors and clinics and requests them to use his products as opposed to his competitor. Now he has limited information about his prospect before he engages them.

The scenario changes dramatically when he knows who is talking to, who they are using currently and how he can improve his pitch. This is where intent data comes into the picture. If he is able to get a list that contains details about the products/medicines that the prospect doctor prescribes or knows the services and technologies that the particular clinic he is targeting uses, imagine the scope for development!

Intent data allows you to know more to do more. If Mr John knows what medicines the doctor is prescribing and knows what technologies the clinic is currently using, he can build a specific case comparing his product against the competitor. The element of knowledge gives him specific pointers that he can effectively use to counter questions and find his way forward. It is way better than asking and probing and then trying to put the pieces together.


4 ways in which intent data improves marketing campaigns

1. Close more with precise information- information attached to prospects is vital to understand what they are thinking, what they know and use and how your product and be beneficial for them. If you can find out a set of prospects that are lacking a specific feature your product/service can provide, it not only helps you jump a step, but you know now that the chances of conversion are improved. Companies spend millions of dollars a year on campaigns that are running with nothing more than the will of prayer and hopes and dreams. Targeted campaigns may be spoken about a lot in the digital verse but is seldom seen in action. This is because they sorely miss of capsulation of necessary information in the right way and construct campaigns based on it.

2. Decrease marketing spends- This is a crucial aspect and advantage that intent data provides your business. The trends within the marketing sector point out to one specific thing. When there is a need for leads, marketers scramble to collect data and run campaigns. Previously collected data, insights and opportunities are just not taken into account. If this needs to change and not drain marketing budgets, your data needs to be aggressively populated with essential details, details that point you towards intent so you don’t get mediocre results. Time and again, the industry has not been receptive to the major benefits that intent information provides. Analysis suggests that most marketing campaigns are a burden on company infrastructure putting undue stress on resources.

3. Connect with prospects, not irritate them- Spray and pray is still the go to means used today when it comes to lead generation. This is has effectively put off so many prospects that they do not even have the interest to give you attention. Now imagine you could reverse that with strong inputs from your records which clearly defines what they are looking for, what they are currently using and how your product/service can help them. If they do not fall into this list, then it is better to leave them alone. Sure you can create the need in them but traditional email and other means are better not used for these purposes. They should be necessary and informative and should provide value. Value proposition is important while engaging, or else your message is just another advertisement, beating its own chest.

4. Up sell becomes easier- This type of data is not just used for new lead generation. B2B marketing always opens up the doors for up selling and cross selling. One of the areas that intent data is used heavily is in account based marketing. Learning up more and more about your client, their needs, who they do business with and why can be an effective entry point to pitch your own products. A competitive analysis is worth millions in deals and intent data will enrich your analysis to the highest extent possible.

Button up the narrative- Don’t just guess

No one likes to waste their time being spoken to. If there is something in it for them, you have their attention. Creating compelling content is vital to a shorter and lucrative sales pitch. Information that you extract from data is the best way to polish and sharpen it. Targeting becomes a sport and you reap the benefits of approaching smaller groups with higher intent of purchase.

Shorter time to conversion is what everyone is looking for. Improving conversions is vital to the survival of business. Add the intent data advantage to your marketing systems and get the ball rolling.

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Jenni Wrights

Jenni is a VP at Ampliz who focuses on business solutions. She writes about current marketing trends in Social Media and Email marketing, helping entrepreneurs to generate leads for their businesses.

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