Insights on Email Appending Companies: A Buyer’s Guide to the Enterprise

One of the most powerful tools for a digital marketer, email marketing always ensures the highest returns on investment, when executed wisely.The prime reason for its popularity is because of one mistake sales people commit- they never ask for email addresses while making sales calls and adding customer details to their database. Even though appending helps you to reach the right prospects fast and easy, you need to choose email appending companies wisely, through analyzing them based on your priorities.

A customer record, without an email address, is incomplete and email appending is the only way to complete it and come up with a competitive email marketing campaign.

There are certain parameters you should look for when choosing an email appending firm for your business.

Append companies match your existing database with their major database and give you the exact matching email addresses in a very brief amount of time.   Let’s take a look at when every business needs an email append process.


1. Opt For B2b Email Appending When You Need To:

Experts, usually, consider two factors when it comes to choosing appending companies:

1.) ROI (Return on Investment) – The number of benefits the appending brings to your ROI.

2.) Opportunity- The number of opportunities appending brings to your business, such as a bigger and cleaner database, multi-channel campaigns and a better IP Reputation.

When displaying above elements on a chart, it will look like:

email appending company1.1 Reduce the Bounce Rate

Lower bounce rate is something every email marketing manager wants when he/she wants to reach the right target audience for his products.

Bounce rate skyrockets when the company has a great number of invalid and bad emails in its customer record. The motive of appending is to solve this problem by filling up the gaps and make it a clean master database for you.

reduce the bounce rate

While doing appending, you need to put your database through a data cleansing process to reduce the bounces.  When your email marketing KPIs are not met, it’s high time for you to go for a thorough append process.

If your email marketing KPIs such as Conversion, Open Rate, Click-Through Rate, Bounce Rate are on a downfall, you need to do appending as soon as possible. You also need to find out the major reasons why your mails are bouncing.

1.2 Plan a Cost Effective Marketing Budget

Saving money, obviously, is the direct and desired result of the appending process.

cost effective marketing budget

But when compared to other options, this process is very cost effective and saves a lot of money for you and boost your business by getting the right contacts that can be transformed as your potential clients.

1.3 Contact More Potential Clients

Using email append process, you get more verified and updated contacts that help you in the race of reaching more number of right target customers.  This boosts your chances to be in touch with your potential clients and prospects in a brief time.

potential clients

When you have updated email lists, you can upload them to Facebook and find all the profiles you need for your business. Email appending companies generally provide such lists from which the customers benefit the most.

1.4 Get a Multi-Channel Opportunity

When you are in need for the multi channel opportunities, the best option is appending. This process can connect you with the social media channels and through these channels, it will easy for you to reach your existing and potential clients. Emails always help to create multichannel marketing phenomenally successful.

Multi-channel campaign

You can use the email addresses to find the social media profiles of the individuals who are likely to do business with you. Nowadays, email appending companies also have begun to provide additional columns with email addresses.

1.5 Replace PPC and SEO with Email Append

You can cut down your budget by opting for ‘append services’ and replace your PPC and SEO with this process.

Of course, PPC, Google Analytics, and SEO are very good practices to track consumer behaviors, promote your brands and target more customers who are likely to buy your products or services.

PPC is one of the simple marketing ad campaigns through which you can measure and boost your outreach.  The success of the campaign is always measured by impressions, conversions, and clicks.


The impression can be defined as the number of people seeing your ad. Clicks show the number of people who clicked on your ad.   How many people take an action in your website after seeing your ad in PPC is called the conversion.

But, when compared to append process, it is expensive and time-consuming.  You can stop spending a lot on PPC and SEO and still get your potential customers through email itself, using just appending service.

1.6 Get More Updated Data

You always get a valid and updated database by merging the existing data with the data provided by a professional email appending company.

Updated Data

It, in effect, enhances the effect of your existing data and gets your business task ready.  When you have verified and updated data, it reduces the rate of email bounce and eventually improves your deliverability rankings.

1.7 Improve Your IP Reputation

Email appending process’ helps your company to reduce complaints dramatically and improve your IP reputation. When you want to increase your conversion and match rates through the best data hygiene practices, you need to go for an append process.

Internet service providers use a very strict algorithm nowadays to filter out unnecessary junk emails.  The algorithm determines the value of a sender by assessing their status in terms of marketing KPIs such as conversions, click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates and unsubscribe rates.  There are many effective ways to maintain a high IP reputation.

IP Reputation

Your sales will improve only if you have a good reputation in terms of your macro KPIs.  If you have a good IP Reputation, chances are there for your emails to be delivered directly to the inbox, most of the times. There is no point in having a bad IP Reputation and sending out 5000 emails because most of them will end up in spam or junk sections.

1.8 Think Beyond Outbound Telemarketing and Direct Marketing

Sometimes, your outbound telemarketing campaigns never work the way it is supposed to be. The reason could be the low quality of your customer lists. If the customer lists are not clean and updated properly, they are of no use.

Unclean and bad data even put your business at the risk of breaking the country’s law. You may face several legal issues in the process which will be a big obstacle to your business success. Sometimes, you might have bought this list investing a lot of your yearly budget.   So, it is time to beyond Outbound Telemarketing.

Outbound & Direct Marketing

Telemarketing also generally has a negative image that can throw dirt at the reputation of your business.  There are other factors also contributing to the failure of your outbound telemarketing marketing campaign- failing to collect the right data, heavy time consumption, lack of segmentation, untrained sales staff, and bad timing of campaigns. Apart from this, telemarketing process can be really tough, due to various reasons.

You need appending when your direct marketing campaign fails multiple times.  Direct campaigns usually fail because of one reason- ‘targeting the wrong prospects.’ Direct marketing can be a success only if you can target people who have the scope to your potential customers.

2. How To Choose the best among Email Appending Companies

When you are opting for appending for a great marketing outcome, choosing a good firm that can offer clean data which is very important.  Clean data always performs better and boost your business beyond the set expectations.

2.1 Choose a Company That Can Provide a Niche CRM Data for Your Business

When you hire experienced append companies who have a history of being in the business for quite a long time, you are in for luck.  They are likely to have almost 25 billion records or more than that, sometimes as big as 265 million business records. Big companies always tend to have a bigger database as they are routing it from 30,000 huge global data sources getting updated quarterly.

They operate through various industries such as insurance, real estate, educational services, financial services, retail, food wine dining, and travel.

If you are hiring a firm that provides you questionable data, it will definitely harm your existing database by overpopulating it with unusable entries.  This is where you need to put emphasis on the term, ‘Data Hygiene’.  Data Hygiene can help you to recognize the email threats in a CRM database.

Check out CRM Industry User Research Report by Capterra.

It is a fact that the total body of all data entries is continually changing as individuals abandon their old email addresses and create new ones when they are moving from one organization to another.

If you are still operating with the old data, your bounce rate is going to be high because your message never reaches its target destination.

When you buy a database that is full of erroneous email addresses that are either invalid or non-existing, you are doing harm to your business. Even if you have an ‘in-house’ list cleaning process, you should opt for a company that gives you a cleansed email list. There are many proven methods to grow an awesome email list.

Bad data can be dangerous to your future email campaigns because email service providers calculate opens, clicks, and inactivity other than just spam complaints.

2.2 Find Out Whether the Email Append Company Worked Previously On Complex Projects (If your product is for a niche market)

Figuring out the industry the emails append company has served previously can make a big quality difference in your database. If they can target the niche market you are operating in, you can make the most out of your campaigns.

AWhat is a Complex Project

Most people think that a complex project is called so because of its huge size and budget but it is a wrong assumption. Even a small project can be in the complex project category. A complex project is a project which requires the involvement of third parties, contractors, consulting organizations, client organizations to reach completion. The conflicting requirements from different stakeholders are the biggest challenges complex projects usually face.

Sometimes, a few powerful stakeholders may not be supportive of all the stages in the project. Complex projects can face many obstacles before it reaches completion. If you are operating in the category of complex projects, you need an append firm who very specifically specializes in delivering email database to complex projects.

complex projects

A project can be considered as complex if it is associated with ambiguity, connecting dynamic interfaces, one dashboard and an ambiance of uncertainty in every stage of its development.

Sometimes, when you are in a contract with government agencies, there can be constant change in the designation of the officials as they either get promoted to higher designations or retire from the service.

Pulling data CRM and ERP tool for appending also will be very important when you are appending the data for complex projects. You need to choose a firm that is technologically capable enough to achieve such a feat.

Sometimes, for complex projects, you need to do the append process in a very brief amount of time because time can be a very important element for all the stakeholders.

As complex projects usually run over a long period that is not in match with the technology cycle time of the present technologies involved in its making, you need a firm that can do the append in a brief time so that you can kick-start the marketing process right away.

When you are launching an email campaign to promote an event a month before it takes place, you should set the turnaround time closer to 3 working days.

The rapid rate of change and the ever evolving number of variables and interfaces are another indicators for a complex system.  In a complex system, concerned parties and stakeholders can change anytime and new parties could have come in half through the project.

In such a situation, you need an append process that will match the pace of the project and the frequent changes and chaos taking place in its development.  Complex systems always will be very unpredictable as the stakeholders can’t always ensure the proper end results.

2.3 How to Research and Find Quality Email Appending Companies for Complex Projects

Every append company will have their own testimonials and portfolio references. But, as an email marketer, it is your responsibility to find out the condition and quality of their previous projects.   Ensuring the status of those projects becomes very critical to your business because a complex project is not very easy to handle with a proper niche email list.

You can also contact their previous clients to get their feedback on the work delivered by this append firm, its quality and the positive change it brought to their business.  Sometimes, there will be many third party clients involved in complex systems and they may have a difference of opinion in terms of its development.

In such situations, there could be many obstacles in its development and eventually in its completion.  An append firm specialized in servicing clients handling complex system can match your database with their niche database and get you only the right contacts.  A usual append list won’t be useful to complex projects in any way.

2.4 What Technologies the Email Append Companies Are Implementing

You need to find out the technologies the appending organization uses for the process.  Find out whether they are compatible with the nature of your business. Fast turnaround, secured and managed data, hosting data, CRM integration and data mapping are some of the key points you should focus on before opting for an appending company’s service.  Your append company should have a tech tool to track customer behavior which will help you measure the results of your ads and deliver it in the form of emails.

2.5 How Many Columns They Provide Additionally With Email Lists

Nowadays, email appending is not just about providing emails.  The appending firms provide much more information about a prospect. So, you need to ask the append firm whether they offer more than just email addresses.

Through this, you can ensure that it is a company that delivers additional benefits for your package. Such additional information will always help you in outreaching your target prospects.

So you need to figure out whether the firm you approach is going to provide more than just emails. It is not necessary that you demand them to provide additional services for you.

If they have a track record of providing additional columns than a just email address, you can rate them a little higher than other append agencies that offer just email customer records in an excel sheet which is again a legacy system.

Have detailed conversations with their technical heads on how much they know about their prospects.  Quality Email Append companies will have resources that are clearly aware of their prospects. Such a firm is the need of the hour for your business.

2.6 How Data Mapping Can Help You in Choosing the Right Email Appending Company

Data mapping helps a lot when you are trying to hire the best firm for your appending process.  You need a firm who can add more value to the required profiles and optimize the marketing performance of my business. Mapping CRM database appropriately must be your priority.  Then, you can boost it with demographic and behavioral based data.  This process will help your business to gain actionable intelligence related to the area of your expertise.

2.7 You Should Have a Clear Objective

To make the most out of the append process, you need to figure out your ultimate marketing goal.  Knowing your customers’ age group, demographics and their online behavioral patterns are very important for strategic understanding. The append firm, you hired for the task, must be able to check the relevance of your current database and provide you the niche database you are aiming for.  Sometimes, marketers prefer to connect with their potential prospects in a more practical and relevant way.  When you have a specific marketing goal, data mapping becomes critical.

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3. Small Email Appending Agencies Challenges Every Marketer Must Know

A. Limited Database

Small Email Append companies are more likely to have a limited database. You shouldn’t choose an append firm just because they offer a cost-effective deal. Such companies tend to have an outdated or small database that might not be beneficial to your business.

They tend to have smaller databases with inaccurate and invalid data, suffering from the lack of data validation.  You need to go for an email appending company that possesses the technology to append your existing email databases to include new and changed addresses and create better revenues for your company through efficient digital marketing.

Small agencies always need funds to cleanse their data and keep them updated.  So, they have to depend on your budget to update their own database which is totally  Traditional Email Appending is not enough to meet the business needs of today’s market.

B. Frequent Changes in data and Budget Issues

Small append agencies, themselves, might be struggling to buy more data to keep their database relevant. This kind of a company can never add more value to your database and it will never help to boost your business revenue by crafting highly effective campaigns.

frequent changes in data


You need Append Agencies that can provide you superior business data. The data you receive must be accurate, sophisticated and should have good append rates. The data you receive from them must be easy to use and should be certified from some accuracy ranking Certification Company.

You need a B2B process that has higher match rates with an ability to be appended with phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses. You can see a drastic progressive change in response rate as it leaps when you contact the prospects through multi-channels.

C. Data Decay Issues

Every database needs to be updated regularly and major companies do that as a regular practice to keep their data clean and valid. Since the data acquiring prices are high, it will take a certain budget for the firms to regularly update their data.

Email marketing databases naturally degrade by about 22.5% every year– by HubSpot.

Data Decay


The rate of data decay is so high these days that you need an append firm that updates its customer database quite often than others. The cost associated with updating a database containing 40 million records can even go up to 10,000 dollars and that’s a heavy price for a smaller agency to afford.

D. Small Appending Agencies Tend To Deliver Data in Legacy Systems

Small appending agencies can also never match up with the constantly evolving tech platforms.  Most times, their technology might be a legacy system that doesn’t receive any back-end support from its manufacturing company.

EWhat is a Legacy System

An application programming, a software language or any other technology which is either outdated or up-to-date but no longer receiving any vendor support is called as a legacy system. Sometimes, when you opt for a data append technology which has become a legacy system, you are not going to benefit from it.

The company might have moved on to a new technology and consider the previous one expensive and incompetent.  When you have new technology that can multiply the benefits and is easy to use, you can do much better business using it. This is the prime reason for them to not to support the old technology.

Small appending agencies might be using a legacy system as a means of data collecting and cleansing process.

This causes errors in their data and it becomes nothing but a just unusable data junk. It will never help in creating revenues for your business. If you are receiving data on technologies that are a little last season, like Excel, Microsoft access, and CD-ROM, you cannot use them for your business success.

Avoid companies that offer email appending process on outdated technologies as it can never make a positive effect on your data.

4. Email Appending In the Times of Account Based Marketing Platform

In today’s fast changing data business scenario, account-based marketing has become a necessity! This is a marketing strategy that uses the same account level focus which is used by sales teams for targeted account selling.

It can help your business to create new opportunities and cement better and strong relationships with strategic accounts.  Using ABM, you can build a marketing system without wasting your resources’ time and energy. Remember, time is money!

Your sales pipeline will always be filled with high-quality leads which can be later enhanced with personalized, great quality campaigns.  This will help you build strong customer relationships.  You need to get an email appending company that also offers performance driven marketing.

As Account-based marketing is a contact level game, you need to recognize many contacts in one account. There will be a drastic increase in the purchasing process and buying decisions.

For example, if your firm can boast an employee force of 150, you can assume that there are eight people participating in the process of making a buying decision. There are many parties involved in the process- gatekeepers, stakeholders and finally influencers.  They all play great roles in shaping up the buying decision.

So, if your business is operating on an account based marketing platform, you need to supplement your original database with fine quality data enrichment and appending.  This will help you to develop business intelligence on the prospects coming under the radar of your target accounts.

Such an appending process will get you the details of designations, their academic backgrounds, professional certifications, awards, and the mention they received in the news articles.

Once, you appended your database properly and made it a rich contact database, you will be able to use a special system across various channels to collectivize your marketing campaigns.

Without a properly appended database, your outbound telemarketing programs also may fail! Lack of segmentation can be cited as one reason for this issue. You can’t target the right prospects without proper segmentation. Your whole marketing program can be affected negatively from smaller, cheaper database appending.


5. Why Some Email Appending Services Never Work For You?

Even after receiving an appending service, some businesses will never make progressive changes. There are quite a few reasons for this issue.

5.1 You Are Not Aware Of Your Customers and Their Behavioral Patterns

To win customers, you need much more than just blind pitches. Blind pitches never get converted into sales leads or even to form filling requirements. There is a spectrum of methods to learn about your recipients.

Global email appending companies you hire should know how to track the data of your customer behavior.  They should possess the technology to understand how the customers are interacting with the marketing emails your company sends out.

Online behaviors such as clicks, email opens and Unsubscribes are the best available ways to be aware of your customer behavior.  You append firm should be able to track these essential behaviors for you to make a positive impact in your business.

5.2  You Never Personalized Your Messages

Without segmentation, you can’t really create a winning situation in today’s market because personalization is the key to success when it comes to email marketing.  Retargeting also helps to gain information on your clients to collectivize your email messages.

Personalized emails make more impact and persuade more customers to take the next step. This helps conversion and eventually your business revenue!  For example, if your clients have a history of buying certain products and services in the past, you can track their interests.

They may be interested in similar products you are going to launch in future.  This is one way to know whether they are interested in your services or products.

5.3 You Never Monitored the Results Properly

You miss the greatest of opportunities when you are not very focused on your campaigns.  With every new campaign, you need to monitor your click through rates, conversions and email opens.

You can also use A/B testing with your email campaigns to gather the required information to be successful in your marketing efforts.  You need to find an append company that uses sophisticated tech tools to make testing campaigns effective.

5.4 You Are Still Using An Outdated Contact Database

So, you want to craft the best email marketing campaign ever?  If that’s your goal, you need to get a quality list of email addresses because your campaign is going to only as good as the list you get.

Even your best email may end up as a junk if it goes to the inbox of an individual who left a specific designation a month earlier. Data always keeps changing. So are email addresses.  So, you need an appending firm that can always update the email database and weed out the invalid ones.

You need to visit your contact database regularly to ensure they are updated. It helps you to know whether you are failing to get a return on investment on your campaigns.  It’s better to spend your dollars on lead generation software’ that can check your email lists for invalid data and recommend updated if required.  There are many effective ways to convert your high traffic pages into quality lead generators.

5.5  Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns With A Good Appending Service

Finding the right appending firm for your business is, definitely, a tough task.  But, it is still a very rewarding process if you become successful in finding the right appending service for your business.  It refines your email marketing campaigns and boosts your business like never before. What you need is a service that can offer you a big, regularly updated database and a spectrum of helpful additional columns.  Great appending services can double the quality of your campaigns and its positive impact will eventually reflect in your business revenue.

Ampliz is a self serve web based database management and discovery platform that works on a subscription model. It is designed to improve the value of your marketing plans. It has 45 million verified files available for download via 25+ search filters. You can run email verification of contacts seamlessly.

Data hosting on Ampliz allows you to sort, segment, and search and find the right contacts you need to run marketing campaigns through predetermined or custom search filters attached to them. These are again downloadable. Looking to add net new data to your counts? Upload and match with our master database and get only new counts. It integrates seamlessly with top of the line marketing automation software and CRMs currently available.


Jenni Wrights

Jenni is a VP at Ampliz who focuses on business solutions. She writes about current marketing trends in Social Media and Email marketing, helping entrepreneurs to generate leads for their businesses.

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