Database Marketing: 3 Stage Strategies for creating the Perfect Customer

Using database for marketing your products and services is database marketing. Customer is king. This fact has to be the key while creating a sales strategy. The essence of the entire process should be creating everlasting customer relationships. They go a long way in establishing yourself as a customer centric company. Understanding the pulse of your prospect is key to creating a relationship. It doesn’t work if your ideologies are separate. A database has to be clean, segmented and correct for it to work.

A combination of efficient marketing strategies, using technology and data analysis and creative content makes for good database marketing. A multi stage strategy creates purpose and gives it direction. Here are 3 stages which should be followed while doing database marketing.

Creation of prospect list:

Database segmentation goes a long way in ensuring that the target is clear and achievable. A comprehensive approach to creation of the list, using various metrics to divide them according to the industry, geography and so on help in the creation of a list(email, direct, telephone) which is precise, optimized, and free of any inherent issues such as spam traps and so on. If you are running campaigns that rely on responses, then it is important to note that your database is the key element. Permission based marketing is the apex of marketing and to achieve this, a good database is essential.

If you are interested in permission based marketing, then the right thing to do is to concentrate on your database. Ensure that is of good quality. To achieve the goal of finding the perfect customer, it is necessary to be able to contact them and have them read and respond to your communications. For this, database marketing is the way to go. If you get permission to market to them, you are half way there. After that, it is about consistency, relevant messages and offers, close listening and providing solutions.

To achieve the goal of a good and steady prospect list, here are few things you need to consider.

  1. Your target audience
  2. The method of communication
  3. Content and offers
  4. Frequency

These points need to be on top of your priority list when constructing your prospect list. A list that is grown organically beats one that is purchased on all counts. The only issue with organic growth is that it is painfully slow and sometimes, it just stops. To overcome these issues, you need to have other avenues open to supplement this growth. Relying only on, say email marketing, is cutting it too close.


Market research can never be overdone. It gives us a clear idea as to what the customer wants, where the industry is headed and what sort of marketing strategy will give returns. Being irrelevant today is not an option and it is essential that you stay in tune with the market and its changes. This should also involve a close study on the marketing process once it has been rolled out, giving insights about possible flaws and where corrections can be made.

Market research has become a priority for most marketing divisions today. Going into marketing without research is as good as taking a knife to a gun fight. It isn’t going to end well for you. The benefits of good market research are-

  1. Source to construct engaging content
  2. Know your target audience
  3. Program your campaign to hit at the right time
  4. Create offers that your prospects are looking for

The Process:

Most marketers concentrate a lot on the actual process and fail to understand that the first two are as important. Nonetheless, this is the point where direct contact with the prospect is made and it has to be good, if not excellent. Ensure that it is designed according to the needs of the market and also in line with what it needs to create-sales or leads.

Consistency is important to ensure that you do not give up when it truly matters. Out of sight is out of mind. This is crucial in marketing today, be it online or offline. The hope that your prospect will consider you while making a purchase decision depends on how much you have affected their decision making process. This will happen only if you have consistent delivery of your message. For a consistent approach, it is not enough to send emails like clockwork. It means that all your marketing collaterals should be of a certain standard, should echo the base message you want to deliver about your brand, the colors and many other such things. A good database gets built only if you are consistent with all of these factors.

A combined effort always brings in the desired results, decreasing losses and increasing ROI. No one step should be given undue importance; the right balance needs to be struck to ensure a successful marketing campaign.

Michael anderson

Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.

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