Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out For In 2017

Content marketing has come a long way ever since the use of the internet for marketing. Digital marketing didn’t make content marketing as is the popular opinion. Content marketing was the way to go with any type of marketing; be it print ads, magazines and such. Digital marketing has surely given it a push for the good, taking it into the mainstream. We see and hear a lot of content marketing theories thrown around. It has become an integral part of the digital marketing arena. Any marketing strategy should have the content marketing element to it. BTW, what is content marketing?

Content marketing and the need for it

Content is a significant portion of marketing. People need to read about your product and services before they can interact with you. You do this via content marketing. You use marketing collaterals such as blogs, white papers, articles and guides to inform your prospects about you and how you can help solve their issues. Today, marketing has moved from the push process to the pull process. This


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is signified by the rising popularity of inbound marketing. Here, you attract the attention of the customer via exemplary content pieces and secure their interest in you. You do not go out and glorify yourself, extolling the many benefits of your product/service. This was the norm for the one way marketing channels such as TV and print ads. It still is, but has significantly changed over the years. This type of marketing does not work so well in the digital economy.

Content Marketing trends to watch out for


Trends are decided based on the receptivity of the readers. If it seems to be giving returns and popularity for the users, then it becomes a best practice. Trends have been changing over the years. What used to be a popular trend a couple of years back can get discontinued today. Technology has a huge impact on trend setting. Changes in technology affect the flow of things and these changes become popular trends. Content marketing has seen a lot of trends coming and going. All of these trends have only helped in making it better and stronger.

Mobile Marketing

Online shoppers in the U.S. made $1.2 billion of purchases via their phones and tablets on Black Friday, marking the first billion-dollar mobile shopping day in U.S. history.

Well, I guess the case for investing in mobile marketing has been made. People are increasingly using their phones to read about offers, products and evaluate them on social media. Google search plays a predominant role here too, just like how it used to on desktop. Accessing the mobile user is not an easy task. For starters, it is highly permission based, a lot more than desktop. So, getting permission for mobile marketing requires you to be truly be on top of your game. From the basics of making your website mobile friendly, to making it easy to conduct mobile transactions, you can do a lot to improve your mobile marketing process.


The second largest search engine is YouTube. Again, just like with mobile marketing, it is time we incorporate video in the content marketing strategy. The enormous appetite for video has grown aggressively ever since the improvement in bandwidth speeds and faster mobile phones. Product related videos when done well and packaged in such a way that they reach their intended audience are doing rather well today. We can go so far to say that if people are given a choice between reading an article and watching a video, the majority will go with watching the video.

Social media

Social media is evolving as quickly as it is acquiring new users. Some of the newest platforms have dramatically changed story telling. The younger generation is born into a world of Vines and snapchats. Snapchat recently launched glasses that allow you to upload to the platform directly via them! This may seem like a sci-fi move but in reality, they have become immensely popular. Facebook and Twitter have been channeling the intake of news with trending topics. The Facebook LIVE video phenomenon is holding strong with millions watching and interacting with celebs and brands globally.

Native Advertising          

Even though there are many who do not think native advertising is not part of content marketing, we believe that native adverting has various advantages that cannot be overlooked. Content heavyweight Joe Pulizzi of CMI has even written a piece on it. The major difference is that in content marketing, the brand owns the media while in native it is brought. That does not mean it won’t work! When content marketing starting becoming popular among digital marketing teams, there was a push to create more content. This meant that the promotion of said content was lacking.

Native advertising on the other hand is a mix that means the content is owned by the brand but the distribution is solely on the platform. This is what makes it interesting. Many may feel it is a malicious attempt to subvert the tendencies of a patron but it is clear to many that native advertising is not bad as spamming and pop up ads. It is steadily gaining interest among many brands worldwide and popular platforms are using it well to improve their reach and funding.


Machine learning is the new buzz word. Does it really happen and what does it do? Technology can be used amply to ensure that we humans do not stress ourselves doing jobs that require a lot of time and effort. There are full tilt software applications that take care of all your content marketing requirements. From understanding what the customer is reading and helping you in creating content that will be well received to disseminating in the right places, content marketing software is the hottest trend in the industry today.

Don’t leave behind email

The ubiquitous email has always been and will always been the savior of the day. It is an integral part of the content marketing landscape. Email has evolved and has forced the evolution of content marketing too. It is one of the best examples of how content marketing can be used to deliver value to prospects and clients. From storytelling to guiding clients on how to use and benefit from products and services, email has been the flag bearer of the content marketing age.

Without good content, email marketing is a flop. It takes a lot of effort to build up a good email marketing program and content plays an important part here. With the future of email marketing such as triggered marketing and user generated content, email and content are bound to create waves in the market.

Content marketing has done a lot for the digital marketer. When used well, it leaves us breathless and impressed. There are many aspects lacking today with content. One of the most common aspects is the failure to implement a full scale plan and trying to cover up any failures. A complete content marketing strategy will not be 100% successful that does not mean you ditch the entire process. The benefits of running a full scale content marketing program outweigh the issues. The trend will always be strongly with innovation when it comes to content and the more you innovate, the more attention you get.

Jenni Wrights

Jenni is a VP at Ampliz who focuses on business solutions. She writes about current marketing trends in Social Media and Email marketing, helping entrepreneurs to generate leads for their businesses.

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