How Twitter Appending Works for your Marketing?

As on Q1 2017, Twitter has been able to manage 328 million active users. It is the second largest social media platform in the world today, but quite a considerable distance from the 1+ billion users of Facebook.

Even though it is categorized into a social media platform, its official description is ‘micro-blogging site’. This is a niche area that Twitter founder Jack Dorsey wanted to exploit. It is currently also the only one of its kind, even though many lookalikes have come and gone. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to collect news today as it is easy to use, and the average time spent on the platform is more. With over 500 million tweets sent out every single day, Twitter is a very busy place.

Twitter Data Append

Twitter has been the go-to platform for those who want to see and also for those who want to be seen. Among the major platforms, Facebook and Twitter have to top spots when it comes to investing for marketing purposes.

1. How To Use Twitter Append To Maximize Marketing

If you are currently a digital marketer, we are sure you will be using Twitter as one of your tools for digital promotions. Social media leveraging today isn’t easy due to the steep increase in the number of brands online and the rapid rate of consumption of material. The pace of Twitter is a lot faster than most platforms and this means you need to be aggressive and informative if you need to stick around and derive benefits from it.

54% of Twitter users earn more than $50,000 a year at least.       

This is one of the highest rates in the industry. If you need another reason to be on Twitter, then you don’t know what you are doing. There is a tremendous amount of stress on brands to be visible here and the task isn’t made easy because of the sheer volume of tweets that come out daily.

The hashtag has been the most successful and useful feature. It is a word that you add a # prefix to so that it gets indexed for easy search. Today, almost every platform uses hashtags but Twitter was the one that made it mainstream. When people search for certain keywords, if your tweets have a hashtag that is similar to the search term, you get higher chances of getting a good result. The trending hashtag feature helps the cause greatly. People generally search for certain specific hashtags, something they wouldn’t go on Google search.

This is one of the best ways to get noticed. If there is a trend that is currently going viral on Twitter, we bet that there will be a hashtag associated with it. It does it partly by introducing specific hashtags themselves for certain days, events and occasions. For example, the US presidential elections came with hashtag- #elections2016, #2016rio, #FF (Friday feeling) and much more. The most tweets per minute event record is held by the 2014 World Cup Finals that saw and incredible 618,725 tweets per minute!

How does all this matter to a digital marketer? Twitter has a wealth of information in store for you. From finding out the interests and likes of people to understanding popular trends, there is no better place that this to be.

Personalization is the key to survival in the email marketing business. It takes a whole lot of effort to capture the essence of good personalization in your emails today. For this, you need data inputs from various quarters. This is because people are present everywhere at the same time. They leave digital footprints that you need to follow to understand what they need.

2. How to Get and Use Data from Twitter

2.1 Data Collection Based On Locations

With Facebook append, marketers can segment the audience by interest, lifestyle, marital status, political view and other attributes. Here is Twitter, You can collect data that is based on the location of users. This can be used effectively to understand interests based on users in a particular location, the rate of information that flows, the time of activity, identify areas, locations or landmarks of interest and many more data points that you can use to fine tune your marketing campaigns.

Collecting and grouping tweets based on groups of users gives you a common thread to work on. It allows you to understand common interests, ideas, hashtags they are interested in, and model relationships between these users.

2.2 Data Visualization Techniques

You can visualize data based on tweets you have downloaded is an asset you can use to understand patterns. Relationships between users allow you to visualize what types of tweets can happen in the future since common interests are generally more talked about. Users who have mentioned each other previously are likely to mention each other in the future too. From the content of tweets, you can predict the occurrence of events in a city or region.

2.3 Apps You Can Use

There are apps that tell you more about the emotional content of tweets from users. This shows their positive or negative impact on users which will give you an idea of if you need to align with them or not. For example, the Heroku App allows you to find the positive and negative trends in tweets by brands.     

When you extract details from a particular handle, you can run analysis software on their tweets and understand what they tweet about, what they are looking for, whom they are interacting with and what you can do for them. It is not uncommon for brands to reply to your generic tweets asking you to follow or use their products. For example, if you tweeted about having good coffee in the morning and are feeling fresh, Starbucks may tag you and give you a coupon for some more coffee at a store nearby!

This is the biggest advantage that marketers have had from using Twitter data append. From the data analysis, you can get a plethora of information about users that will allow you to create email campaigns that are effective, connect with your audience and give you a higher response rate.

2.4 Building Your Own Tools

If you can build a tool that can help you in appending profiles from email addresses, you can get a big break here. It is effective and is currently allowed by the platform. Twitter data append is also something that can be looked into where you can find users based on their email addresses if they have used that same email address for the purpose of creating that account. 

Append Twitter data to personalize your marketing campaigns. With millions using the platform on a daily basis, you have a unique opportunity to capture and use this data to drive precision emails to prospects and users.     

Michael anderson

Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.

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