Facebook Append: A Lethal Weapon in Your Targeted Marketing Armory

With the sudden flourishing of superior tech platforms in the last decade, the way businesses operate has transformed for good. Today, you can target your existing and potential clients using various social media channels and even track your success percentage.

Among the new dynamic methods of marketing, targeted marketing is an advanced method that helps big and small businesses to define and target their niche market. Using targeted marketing, even small companies can compete with their competitors who are much bigger than them.

Targeted marketing is based on dynamic researchers that track the interests, requirements, hobbies, gender, age and the designations of your target customers.  In order to craft an effective targeted marketing campaign, you need to understand the individuals who buy your products and services and should be able to reach them in a brief amount of time.

It is time to rejoice as we have new methods to achieve this feat. And, yes, Facebook data Append tops the list. It helps you to reach your target audience in order to cater to their needs.  With the help of Facebook append, you receive data such as location or demographics, so that you can deliver your content to customers who meet the required attributes. You can, then, work on building a target customer audience from hashed buyer information.

The data you receive from Facebook Append usually includes Names, Date of Birth, Gender, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Apple’s Advertising Identifier, Page Scope User Ids, App User IDs, and Android Advertising ID.  You can keep on building a community of your target customers based on the customer data and conversion data Facebook data Append provides you.  Let’s dive into the details:

Facebook Marketing

Almost every company you deal with has a Facebook page. Every other person you know or meet has a Facebook page. It is inevitable for the name to pop up during meetings to create marketing strategies. The Facebook algorithm for ads is currently one of the best in the business that allows you to do a whole lot of things.

Demographic targeting, localized targeting, and a highly evolved search engine are some of the few key benefits of this platform for ad makers. Its suggest post and video feature are the newest addition to the arsenal and it hugely benefits marketers who want to reach a wider audience.

Facebook Append and it’s Power

Appending, the act of adding extra data fields to a file can be applied to Facebook too. There are many organizations that are currently creating or have deployed apps that allow you to append Facebook details easily.

A Facebook profile gives you a wealth of information about user habits. It is one of the most commonly used platforms with most active users logging in at least once a day. Even email doesn’t have this type of usage. What this means for marketers is that customers and prospects are leaving valuable details that they can use for targeted campaigns.

Take for example the fact that you can book and UBER using the Facebook messenger app. It allows you to make payments too. This information is vital to a competitor or any business that needs to know the user patterns of ride-hailing customers.

There are much more types of user benefits that they provide today. As is the norm, these have been designed in such a way that more and more users get on board the platform and use it for finding out information, purchasing and interacting with brands- and stay there.


Facebook Append

To improve user engagement and get them to come back to the platform regularly they have introduced a variety of new features that are helpful for not just users, but also marketers and brands.

Brands and their pages have achieved massive success when it comes to creating fans and improving their reach and scope. Facebook rewards pages that have higher interactions with their followers and respond to queries faster.

It has added the ‘message now’ option that also shows the estimated time the brand page takes to respond. This puts the onus on the brand to perform better when it comes to interactions. It is a parameter for search as the pages that have higher scores for them generally rank better.     

These interactions with brands are a massive opportunity to understand the behavior of users. They have made it immensely easy for customers to interact with their favorite brands. A customer complaint can no longer be taken lightly as it has all the potential to backfire enormously.

The reach and scope of this platform are aggressive and many a brand has felt the scathing effects of it. Every other day a viral trend emerges and it takes on a couple of hours before millions have viewed, shared, liked and commented on it.

The Explore option on the left side of your news feed is the newest addition to the site. It has so many functionalities that no user need go to any other site for anything they need to do! You can even make payments and find out about the weather through the app. This is a great strategy to keep users within the platform itself.

The Email Marketing and Facebook Append Connect You Need to Make 

Email marketing KPIs are getting tougher to achieve, with marketing becoming highly competitive. If you don’t step outside the box, you will not be able to reach the right prospect. It takes a significant amount of cross-platform interaction to collect and use data that actually brings results.

You need highly personalized email marketing today to ensure that prospects and customers stay interested in you. You may have a customer who does business with you regularly. All it takes is another brand to send them a mail that interests them because their mail includes information and useable matter that solves their issues for you to lose them.

There is a whole lot of untapped Facebook data for email marketing. This is the reason you need to make sure Facebook demographics are incorporated within your data.

Here are the major aspects of Facebook demographics you can use via Facebook appending to achieve higher levels of personalization and forecasting customer needs within your marketing.

Facebook Demographics

  1. Location-Adding a specific location while running ads on Facebook allows you to hyper-target specific markets. You can do it as per countries, cities, ZIP codes or specific market areas. You can target users who have been, are nearby or are traveling to a specific location too.
  2. Age and Gender-These two are essential to target criteria’s while running campaigns today. You have a wide range of age bands to choose from. As per user statistics for the platform, the 18-29 age bands see the highest usage and interaction. Women outnumber men by about 8% in terms of active users.
  3. Languages-There are various language options available for users today. If you are targeting a specific set of language users, the platform allows you to do so easily.


You can append based on a host of criteria that depends on the interests users have expressed on their profiles. These are highly useful if you can append them and use them for your email marketing practices.


Facebook Interests

These categories are of tremendous importance to marketers for advancing the personalized experience. It has made reaching the right prospect at the right time a lot easier and faster. If you can append these details and use them to leverage your email marketing, it is assured to get higher returns. Most marketers have opened up to this idea, just due to the sheer volume of users and the data that is available.

Facebook and Phone Append

You can append via phone numbers through Facebook. If you have phone numbers or Facebook profiles, it is possible to get either of the details. If you have a phone number, it is possible to find the profile of that person, if they have provided it and have made it public. The amount of information you gather is completely dependent on the amount of information they have made public.

You can use this information to send them a like page request. After that, it is up to you as to how you engage them based on your posts and offers. You can also target them based on their behavior by running ads on their location and choices. Phone appending is one of the easiest ways to contact customers post-purchase and get them to like your brand page.

Direct Mail Marketing Improves With Facebook Mailing Address Append

As with phone number appending, mailing address appending is also possible with Facebook. If you have received the customer’s mailing address, you can run a search and find their profile on the platform.

Likewise, if you have their profile details, you can append full mailing information from the platform itself. This allows you to improve your direct mailing accuracy since most addresses updated on the platform are correct and have been done so by the user themselves and not by a third party.

It is currently possible to extract data with the permission of users. You can scroll through any pages from where you need data of its users and download it in any format you need. You can use the Facebook Graph API to crawl through pages from which you need information. You can get basic profile information too by sending a GET request to the Graph interface.

There are certain restrictions when it comes to data extraction but you can easily collect all that data you need with the use of these API keys. You can build your own app of use a web service and follow instructions. Unethical usage is restricted and your IP can be blocked. 

Most scraping tools will allow you to easily access publically available data from the platform. Paid tools will do in-depth analytics for you and give you numbers based on activities such as likes, shares and comment ratios.

You cannot query Facebook for a list of public profiles.  

Append Facebook data to improve your email marketing capabilities. As it is important to improve the levels of personalization, the platform provides you with a wealth of information that you can use to understand user behavior, practices, likes and dislikes and use it well within your email marketing campaigns.         

  Currently sitting at 1.94 billion active users, Facebook is the largest social network in the world and by a big margin.  It has opened up a spectrum of opportunities for every marketer to position their brands and sell their products in ‘never seen before’ methods.  Trade analysts consider social media marketing through channels like Twitter and Facebook ‘a historical phenomenon’ for marketers.

Michael anderson

Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.

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