6 Essential Emails Your Company Needs To Send- Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is the best way to connect with your customers and prospects. It is immersive, responsive, and personal and gets results when done well. With the barrage of emails everyone receives on the daily, it is easy to see how so many email marketing campaigns fail to gain attention. There are some ways in which you can get your prospect to get interested in you. It depends on your timing, what you’re sending them and the content type. To be clear, sending promotional emails, when your prospect has clearly stepped into the customer area, is not a healthy sign. Knowing and understanding the customer journey is crucial in keeping them engaged.

You may say that the chances of a sale are high when a promotional mail has been sent. Consider this- if your customer has already purchased from you, something that does not require them to purchase again, wouldn’t it be a waste of time and energy? Instead, send them a referral request, an upgrade requirement mail, a chance to get a testimonial, a survey. The options are many. Hence, your email calendar should contain at minimum-6 different types of emails, which will keep your customers engaged, and responsive.


6 essentials emails and how to send them

Firstly, you need to zero in on the stage at which your customer is at. If they are in the buying stage, a discount coupon may work. If they are a regular customer, a testimonial request can get you a decent one. So, after you know where they are in the sales cycle, you need to prioritize these mails accordingly. Sending a promotional mail is not a sin, but overdoing it, is. Timing is the essence here.

1) New Inventory Email

This is for those customers who have purchased from you and may have trailed way and have not engaged with you since. Letting customers know, you have new stock ready to be looked at, piques interest in them. It’s similar to a sales attendant taking your phone number and texting you once in awhile when new products come in.

To go about doing this; segment customers who have already purchased from you, but only once. Create the email content in such a way that you refer to their old purchase and classify and present products that are close to their liking or past purchase. The odds of them checking it out are higher when you present them with choices they already like are much higher.

Bonus- You can add a small discount coupon and tell them that their business is important to you.

2) Welcome Email

This is one email that is crucial to every business. This is the welcome they get and gives them an idea of what to expect when doing business with them. Treat it like how you would like to be treated as a customer. It always helps to think in the perspective of the customer. Imagine yourself at a hotel reception counter when you check in. the receptionist will give you details that you will need during the duration of your stay, such as the location of amenities, phone numbers and price lists.

This info graphic from ExactTarget demonstrated the proper effect a good welcome email has.

This is the attention to detail you will need to give your new customers when you send them your welcome mail. Give them contact information, how after sales customer service works, warranty details, location of stores (if available) and so on. Make them feel special by giving them information you know they will need at some point of time. You can also give those tips and suggestions on how to use your product (you can always include this in a new email by itself). Give them an idea of any rewards program you may have.

3) Educational Email

This is one of the most important parts of your email marketing calendar. If you are not invested in this email, please go ahead and do it. Information is what the new age consumer seeks. You give it to them, in an unbiased and non judgmental fashion. Industry news, product reviews, news and many more pieces of information can be part of your educational email series. You can send them videos on how your products are used and so on.

Don’t overdo the education. It is not a distance education program they signed up for. Keep it brief and to the point. You can always add promotional material but ensure it is done at a minimum and in a subtle way. One or two lines at the maximum and or maybe a call to action.

Keep it relevant and inside your industry. Don’t talk about stock market prices if you are selling engine oil (maybe the stock prices of your company may make sense, but that’s about it).

Do some research on what your customers and prospects are searching for and write about it. It helps in connecting and also allows you to find the right rhythm. For this, you need good data sets that are segmented and contains necessary information for you to make an informed decision. Email marketing needs substantial investment in data.

4) Survey Email

There is a general fear of surveys among business owners. You never know what you will get from your customers. That shouldn’t stop you from sending one out. If it is a genuine concern that is being stated, solving it will go a long way in building your success.

Send surveys to customers who have purchased from you and who have interacted with your customer service. They have come to you asking for a solution to a problem and sending these customers a survey will ensure you get some kind of response, be it positive or negative.

Let them know what they can expect from the survey. Do not make them take a generic survey. Try to personalize it as per their purchase order history. This increases your chances of a response. Adding surveys to your email marketing program is a must for any size company.

5) Newsletter email

This is the best of all. A newsletter is one of the favorites of email marketing. The truth of the matter is that most of the other emails can be included into a newsletter, but you can’t do it the other way around. A newsletter should be periodic, methodical and contain enough to engage and not irritate. When you attain this balance, people will actually look forward to your newsletter.

Stick to a design style for the entire series. If you do need to change, do it rarely and not too dramatically. Keep the layout and sizes standardized.

Standard inclusions in your newsletter

  1. Contact information
  2. CTA to your site
  3. Relevant industry and company news

Send your newsletter at the same time, every time. Frequency breeds familiarity. Don’t overdo it; keep it at a 1 per week maximum.

6) Promotional Email

How can we leave out the very basic email that is the promotional email? The need for email marketing is to generate interest with a group of prospects. The promotional email is the answer to this. It is a tricky slope and can go either way. The essence of a good promotional mail is to not overdo the promotion. Keep the content minimum, not too pushy and get the offer clearly stated, right where it is the most legible.

Creating urgency works most times. Get time bound offers to work for you in the promotional email. You can give offers, rewards and other such benefits for first time buyers.

Another important thing to understand, as a creator- everyone knows it’s a promotional mail, so don’t pretend it isn’t.

Including these 6 types of emails is a must do for all businesses who run email marketing campaigns. They need not be typically of these types and can change as per the industry you are in. once you commit to creating and sending these out, consistency will go a long way in accumulating brand advocates and loyal customers.

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