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3 Ways to Enhance Your B2B Sales Process With the Right Contact Information

3 ways to enhance your B2B Sales process

Getting the right and high quality leads has always been a tedious task. In fact, a majority of sales professionals agree that prospecting is the most difficult part of the sales process; it’s thereby no surprise that 68% of companies struggle with lead generation. Although finding high-quality leads poses a threat, there are many emerging technologies which are helping companies excel at prospecting.

Though a quick search on Google claims to give some of the best Sales hacks to improve productivity, it’s a time consuming process to find the right hack that works for your business.

The key to improving your B2B sales is simple – Begin with the right foundation, get accurate company and profiles data.
If you would like to know more about how this information can improve your Sales interaction, Read on…

Company and Contact Data – What It Entails

Before we understand how company and contact data will improve your sales activities, it’s crucial to understand what it actually means.

In the recent past, data providers have undergone tremendous technological revamps. Thanks to the suggestions of Sales reps! Today, the requirements of Sales reps have progressed far beyond Names and contact information, to more comprehensive insights that can facilitate personalized interactions with their leads.

This is one of the primary factors that have influenced tech folks to enhance the technicalities of the entire data vending process.

Today company and contact data, refers to information of target contacts and accounts including contact information, firmographic data, technographic data, demographic data, and so much more.

Without any further ado, here’s a quick look at why you need contact and company data to fuel your sales efforts!

Bypass Gatekeepers

Traditionally, gatekeepers like secretaries, assistants often limit the scope of reaching top leaders and decision makers. With AI backed data companies, contact details of such decision makers are made available in a click of a button, which facilitates direct interaction with potential prospects instantly.

Consider These Statistics

• It takes 22 minutes to connect using switchboard numbers, but with direct dials, it only takes 5 minutes. 
• When dialing a direct dial phone number at the director level, you are 46% more likely to connect. 
• When dialing a direct dial number at the VP level, you are 147% more likely to connect. 

Time Efficient

AI backed contact data tools have considerably reduced the time required to identify potential prospects and connect with them. Due to this feature, Sales teams can now focus on enhancing their current Sales strategies and personalize their sales interactions.

Personalizing Sales interactions helps in growing business results and also ensures that your prospects keep coming back for more, and eventually become your brand evangelists.

Effective Sales Outreach Strategy

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to an effective sales outreach. For many sales teams, establishing a strategy that works is often a trial and error process. However, there are a few key considerations and best practices that your team should keep in mind.Whether you conduct a sales outreach by phone, social media or email, it’s undeniably an essential part of the B2B sales process.

Everything from the channel you choose to the language you use impacts how your prospects respond. The more information you have the better it gets! Though the idea of a sales outreach might feel daunting to begin with, there are many factors that contribute to its success.

At Ampliz, the focus is to offer you more insights about your prospects and equip you with all that it takes to influence and impact your audience. With advanced Machine learning algorithms coupled with a comprehensive multi-channel data verification process, we ensure that every contact record that reaches you is genuine and accurate.

Hope these insights aide your prospecting efforts with measurable results.

Feel free to write to us about what you think are the best ways to refine the B2B sales process. We will share your thoughts in our blog lined up next.

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Want to Make Prospecting Easy and Focus on What Matters Most?

Ampliz SalesBuddy is the only tool you need to easily find the right prospects and connect with them.

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Want to Make Prospecting Easy and Focus on What Matters Most?

Ampliz SalesBuddy is the only tool you need to easily find the right prospects and connect with them.

Sign up to get early access and win 50 FREE credits!