3 Ways Technology Is Changing Email Marketing For the Better

Technology is arguably one of the greatest achievements of humankind. It has had a massive influence on the way we live. It has made things easier, faster and effective. From helping in communicating faster, to saving lives, technology has become a vital part of our lives today. The influence and command it has over our daily goings on are incredible to say the least. Just a decade back, we couldn’t have imagined companies and jobs existing solely because of technology. Now, some of the largest corporations in the world write code. This is the power of technology. Technology is changing email marketing for better.

Email is one such tool that is the pinnacle of technology. It is completely man made and has evolved with the pace of innovation. The first email was sent 44 years back and it has truly come a long way since then. Email is used today not just for communication but also as a tool of business. It has had its good and bad times and though it has seen some pretty bad times, it has survived, just because it is too darn good to let go. As a marketing tool, it gives a Return on Investment of over 41 dollars for every email sent. That is astronomical to say the least and with such numbers, it doesn’t have decent competition too. It’s like the Usain Bolt or the Michael Phelps of the digital world. Both these athletes have innovated as per the times and have come out victorious.


Technology and email marketing

The best part about writing a piece on technology in email marketing is that it really opens your eyes regarding just how much technology has changed the way email marketing works today. We have taken them for granted, not because we don’t see it, it’s because these changes have created significant gains for many. There are entire businesses dedicated to just one specific technological innovation! This is what makes the entire spectacle of technology so grandiose and fantastical.

As far as we understand, most of the innovations which have become standard operating procedure today have helped improve the efficiency of email and the businesses that use email for lead nurturing and marketing purposes. By 2019, the projected number of email users will be 2.9 billion worldwide and these emails will be used not just for communication but to purchase and take in advertising messages. Another important aspect here is the massive penetration of mobile email usage. It has improved considerably and has also giving returns on par with desktop interactions. Email marketers are capitalizing on these developments and seeing fantastic returns.

Here are 4 crucial technological innovations that have made email marketing a powerful and revenue generating tool.

  1. Segmentation
    The process of segmenting your database through the use of programs and software to enable better targeting is an innovation that has changed the way email has been used for marketing and prospecting. Segmentation involves firstly, accessing and defining the various types of data sets your database has. The next step is to know what types of segments need to be created. All this can be done via programs, software and built to order tools available easily online. Segmentation improves email marketing results significantly. This is because emails are sent to the right customer at the right time.
    This makes a lot of difference. Irrelevant messaging is one of the reasons for the distrust towards email, from end users. To eliminate this, segmentation eases the process of finding the right prospect. Integrating this process along with the lead generation funnel is the most favored practice today among email marketing companies. There are numerous companies today that do this for you. Many of them rely solely on this business model because it brings in a good amount of revenue and many many companies need it today.
  2. Automation
    This has made the life of the email marketer easier by many leaps and bounds. Automation as a blanket term has been thrown around in the tech industry countless times. Basically, it reduces the need for human interaction and machines take over the process for you. Whatever the end result, most manufacturing processes use automation to a large extent. Automation reduces the stress on humans, improves efficiency and doesn’t have any associated risk factors such as fatigue which is common in humans. Email marketers use automation programs to send scheduled emails on time. One such major chunk of this process is called the triggered mail program. Triggers set of email execution as per the customer’s movement.
    There are various benefits of automation. Timing isn’t an issue with automation. Whatever the time you want to send out mails, automating it ensures you don’t have to be up at an ungodly hour to hit the send button. This is important today because the digital economy isn’t restricted to a city or town. People may use your website at anytime anywhere. Trigger-based emails have helped lead generation efforts significantly. The time it takes for the customer to receive an email has reduced dramatically after the use of automation which has helped in gaining trust.
  3. Content Creation and Personalization
    We are not hinting at robotized content creation here. We are talking about the use of technology to make sense of all the research and data available to create content that is unique to the reader. Personalization is achieved when you know certain things about the prospect. Software allows you to learn that at the speed of light. This has improved the quality of emails remarkably, helped in connecting with customers in a personal manner and helped in servicing them better and faster.
    Personalized content creation is important to be the better email marketer. Everyone knows how to send mails. It is important to make sure you are better than that. Software gives you the ability to learn more about the choices and needs of your prospects. Creating content according to that is the best way to ensure that your prospects are connecting with you.

Technology is changing lives daily. It has impacted every facet of our day to day lives and email marketing has benefited immensely. If you are in the email marketing sector, it is imperative make the best use of all the technology that is available today to enhance your email marketing efforts and to connect with your prospects faster.

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Michael anderson

Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.

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