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Access Business intelligence customer list including both trial users and paid users from the top companies like IBM Cognos, Hot jar, Microsoft, and Yellowfin. Major companies like Cisco Hertz Corporation use BI tools to expand their business.

Moreover, the global revenue from business intelligence and analytics market is forecast to reach $16.9B. The contact list contains various mid-size companies including health care, apparels, and global food chain businesses.

Data Details

It has been sourced from in-house and also external reliable database. Our segmented list includes implementation partners and vendors, which is timely updated and maintained by Ampliz data experts.

From 13,511 C level to 60,939 of other level contacts, marketers can also reach targeted resellers directly with following data records across all job levels;

  1. Director level- 15,287
  2. C level- 13,511
  3. Manager level- 29,205
  4. VP level- 8,045
  5. Other levels- 60,939
  6. Staff- 13,573

With our new two products: “BI Tool Directory” and “BI Marketing List 2017” connect across all major industries like IT, Retail, Telecom and beyond. Following are the popular industry-specific contacts including business email, phone numbers, and direct mailing list;

  • Manufacturing
  • Food and beverage
  • Health care
  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Universities

Access BI application software clients ranging from sub-level management of 20,073, IT & IS of 17,710, and top level management of 9591 data records. It contains segmented Business Intelligence customer mailing list across all departments including below mentioned job titles;

  • Arts & Entertainment- 1903
  • Sub Level Management- 20,735
  • Sales- 4,606
  • Marketing- 6,077
  • Education- 6,151
  • Engineering- 5,328
  • BD- 3,140
  • IT & IS- 17,710
  • Purchasing- 1,390
  • Top Level Management- 9,591
  • Architect- 1,232
  • Medical- 8,521
  • Legal- 2,356
  • Customer Service- 2,381
  • Finance- 14,674
  • Human Resources- 3,562
  • Operation- 7,803
  • Sales & Marketing- 536
  • R & D- 3,077
  • Other- 19,787

What you get?

We provide over 70 plus selects including general and it can be also customized as per your business requirement.

  • Contact name
  • Title
  • Email address
  • Business contact number
  • Company name
  • Physical address
  • Revenue
  • Company size
  • SIC code
  • City
  • State
  • Industry
  • Department
  • Level
  • Phone Number


Reach maximum users with BI Users email list with 90.5% of deliverability rate.
You can select pre-package or request for Custom List can be provided on request.

Contact list is verified and updated every quarter regularly.
Comprehensive marketing data provided to facilitate your multi-channel marketing

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  • NetSuite Business Intelligence: Live BI Connector Unveiled By Tactical Cloud
  • Trilliant Introduces UnitySuite® Business Intelligence Solution to Unlock Value of Data for Utilities

Marketers Insights

With Business Intelligence users mailing List you have more than one way to promote your products and reach the targeted audience. Some of the ways where you can use our email list are:

  • Run a drip campaign to resell the value prop, re-educate, and offer incentives to retain users
  • Launch a Text campaign to conduct surveys, or to get feedback for your products.
  • Send emails to promote an e-book using the email list.
  • Create a group in LinkedIn and invite people to engage with them to market your products.

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