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Search from 36 million verified B2B records using filters to find one single person in a company within 30 seconds


Save all your searches and access them anywhere, anytime via a web based login


Create a list you wish to target and download in the format of your choice onto your CRM or desktop with a single click!


90 Million Verified Direct Dial Numbers With Email Addresses

Largest Provider Of Ready To Use Direct Dial Number Available For Immediate Download

Find Exact Match Email Addresses With Phone Numbers. Never Lose Out On An Opportunity!

Find Full Contact Details Of Individuals Along With Social Links. Vastly Improve Targeting!

Finding email addresses and verified contact information has never been easier

Prospecting for good quality leads is one of the hardest processes in business development today. That being said, with the right tools, you can achieve better numbers. Ampliz is designed specifically to aid you in better email list creation and aggressive prospecting. B2B email lists are available readily for use on the Ampliz platform. We have successfully decreased some of the most slowest and time consuming steps in the data collection process. Looking to create a new B2B marketing list or want to target a specific sector/demographic or location, Ampliz powers you with the right data.

With over 36 million verified B2B contacts neatly segmented and ready to be downloaded, Ampliz aims to further your lead generation goals with easy and efficient data search. With 25 search filters enabled such as name, location, company details, revenue, employee size and many more, searching for the right contacts is as easy and keying in your query and finding your target criteria. Create your own B2B email list from scratch with the Ampliz Advantage

Internal search engine for your B2B data so that you can find the right target audience

A complete self-service interface that enables you to search your contacts seamlessly

Choose your target audience and build your own contact list by search, filter, download

Search 36 million files with over 25 different filters including name, title, designation and many more

Not Enjoying Your DATA! Match and Upgrade with AMPLIZ

Upload Your DATA!

Upload your files by dragging and dropping them, with easy to understand steps. All popular file types are accepted by Ampliz.

Match Your DATA!

Once you finish the upload, the system matches your upload to the master database; you will be notified regarding progress via notifications and email.

Remove Junk DATA!

After the match is done, Ampliz will show you junk data, details and size. You can choose to keep/remove them.

Download Your DATA!

After you are done with the removal process, download your new data set via any file format type you need. Your new dataset is ready to use!



Add net new data in the fastest way possible with Ampliz

Your data goes weak and ineffective as time goes by, if you don't update and add new data to it. The consequences are that you will see a dip in lead generation numbers as well as a subsequent fall in the quality of leads. Adding net new data to your current B2B email list is a tedious process. It requires you to follow up with data providers. If you get bad quality data, that needs to be followed up too for replacement. All in all, a laborious and time consuming process.

Ampliz simplifies that for you. Upload your current set and run the rules which you want to be filled up, replaced or appended. These are pre defined on the platform. Additionally, if you have any custom criteria, the platform allows you to create your own. The Ampliz platform takes it up from there. You will have a new B2B email list ready for use depending on the size of the upload. If you find bad or unverified contacts, all you need to do is flag that contact and we'll replace it for you. It's that simple and straight forward. Get better results from prospecting campaigns with the Ampliz Advantage.


Million Dataset


Million Direct Dials




Client Retention

The fastest and easiest B2B email list creation tool in the market

Login, search and download. These are the three steps you need to take to create your own verified B2B email list. With a ready to use contact database that is segmented and verified for immediate use, Ampliz lets you have a free hand when it comes to deciding what you need for your database marketing campaigns. With multiple levels of contact information available such as name, website, email, phone number, company details and more, Ampliz gives you a lot more for each credit you consume. This is the Ampliz Advantage for you.

Moreover, maintaining datasets is now a full time process for many companies. With Ampliz, all you need to do is set rules for regular updates on your saved datasets or uploaded datasets. The system will automatically run append and data hygiene processes so you are ready to go, any time anywhere. Ampliz fulfils all the needs of a database marketer with ease and does it in a way that invariably leads to higher quality leads and better conversion, all the time maintaining brand presence and recall for you. The availability of ready to use data along with the search and download option is one of the best in the industry today with an unbeatably superior pricing package. Our custom built packages are designed to suit the needs of specific businesses so you don't have to spend out of your budget. Put an end to lack lustre campaigns. Start your prospecting with the best tool in the market today.

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