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case study

[Case Study] How We Got First 1000 Subscribers in 10 Days!

Have you ever heard the catch phrase from the movie Jerry Maguire? “Show me the money!” And in today’s marketing world – “Money is in your list.” But one of the MOST mysterious things for startups is: How to build … Read More

sales email templates

10 Sales Email Templates That Will Make Your Prospects Respond

Yes, you read the title right — I believe that these sales templates will get responses from your clients and prospects. Writing emails that grab your prospects’ attention and get them excited about replying is a critical skill. Sendmail survey … Read More

11 Experts Are Sharing Their Proven Sales Advice for Beginners

Have you just started your job in sales? Congrats! And I can bet that you (and most of people reading this) didn’t take any formal training before this “sales” role. Right? We learn all the “how to’s” on the job. … Read More

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