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Find right accounts with specific persona, product, buying pattern & engagement history.


Build connections with product/industry specific decision makers & key influencers.


Push your targeted accounts to move forward in sales cycle either by purchasing or taking a free trial.


Measure & analyse the impact on your targeted accounts & revenue.

Discover, Target & Manage key Accounts

We help you not only to find direct contacts of key decision makers but also enable you to build connections, nurture them, and finally manage them.

We accelerate your sales pipeline with niche account-based marketing, and meet your company’s strategic goals by following parameters;

  • Identify Decision makers & Influencers
  • Map to key accounts
  • Get Segmented Accounts
  • Personalised Communication
  • Evaluate reports & identify bottleneck
  • In-depth Analysis & suggest Action Plan
All-In-One ABM Platform

Deliver Account-Specific Interactions

Our ABM platform will help you to understand your audience buying behaviour, and send them a personalised messages via right channel. Ampliz helps you to analyse, personalize & engage with your via multi-marketing Continuum.

Launch end-to-end marketing campaign using various marketing platform like Banner Ads, Web Page, Email, Social media, and offline/online events.

  • Buying Behaviour Analysis.
  • Lifespan of Sales Cycle
  • Develop account insights with demographic & other lifestyle attributes
  • Send Account-relevant Messages
  • Engage Accounts Across All channels
Engage with target accounts effectively
With More than One Channel

Engage stakeholders with the right message at the right time across multiple channels

Access & Asses Everything with An Encapsulated Dashboard.

Ampliz account-based marketing offers you real-time, and actionable reports. It includes account specific multi-layer overview delivering insights, scores, and status of each account and ABM Campaigns with separate as well as inclusive dashboard.

  • Measure the impact of ABM campaign with account-relevant metrics
  • Account Dashboard: Industry/country specific, or overall dashboard
  • Get Comparative Report Analysis
  • Map Top 10 High Yields in Sales Pipeline
  • Research Competitors
  • Evaluate Predictive Analysis
From Mapping Leads To Measure Revenue Impact,
Ampliz Has it All!


A unified platform having secured CRM, trusted brand communication across all channels.


Access robust, scalable, and flexible Ampliz – ABM infrastructure.


Engage consistently with key-accounts by sending account-specific messages using Ampliz multi-channel communication tools.


Drive more conversions and qualified leads with social, behavioural, and business Intelligence.


Measure efficiency of ABM Strategy, and revenue impact on key-account with overview dashboard and Predictive analysis.

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Extract Valuable Data from just a Web Address

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