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A Complete Handbook to Get Started With CRM

A Whitepaper By Ampliz

With the sheer amount of data and activities being taken up to win and sustain customers, there needs to be a higher level of data storage and greater level of data analysis. So what kind of a system or strategy will help to achieve this level? The answer - Customer Relationship Management! This whitepaper on a CRM is a hands-on guide for beginners to expand and grow their businesses with CRM integration like a pro.

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What’s Inside?

• Introduction
• Stakeholders in the CRM system
• When do you really need a CRM solution?
• Requirements leading to adoption of CRM
• CRM & Productivity
• 3 ways CRM improve the productivity of an organization
• Crafting a CRM Strategy
• Implementing the CRM Solution
• Features of a Good CRM Solution
• ROI on the CRM
• Conclusion

“Selecting the right CRM is the first step towards realizing not only a good ROI but also a long-term benefit of customer retention. Define your process and requirements and based on that select the CRM solution that best fits your needs; it need not always be the most popular or the most preferred.”

Actionable Tips

  • The CRM is like the 'bridge' that helps you to connect with customers & prospects seamlessly.
  • CRM is for complete information, improved automation & consistent execution.
  • A successful CRM implementation is a result of a well thought strategy, people, processes & applications.
  • Use CRM which easy to integrate with not only email but also with other applications like Social, Accounting & Project Management.
  • A CRM will work to provide the maximum benefit only when it is enhanced & exploited as time progresses and customers are evolve.

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