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Get Your Numbers Right!

Verify your phone numbers before you make a call to accelerate success rate of tele-marketing campaigns at Ampliz, we ensure that each and every number on your phone list is valid and verified.

Verify All Phone Contacts At Point-Of-Entry

With verified business and consumer phone numbers, which enables you to respond to sales enquiries promptly, develop strong customer relationship, and thus maximize conversion rates.
Optimize Your Numbers

We not only verify your customers’ phone contacts but also geographical tracking, callers’ name, carrier used by phones, longitudes – latitudes coordinates, and time zone for each entry. This helps you to launch personalized telemarketing strategies.

Cloud Based Solution

Our phone list verification process is a cloud based solution and thus it becomes easy to integrate and access the verified phone numbers from anywhere via secured Salesforce or Marketo credentials.

240+ Countries

Verify your customers’ and prospects’ phone contacts (mobile, residential, landline) by matching it against 7+Million phone records including more than 240 countries and territories business and consumer phone directories.

Real-Time Verification

With our user friendly API key by Informatica, you can get your business and residential phone numbers verified accurately in real-time.

Line Type

We not only verify your phone records but also identify line type. Thus, by knowing whether a phone number is a landline, free phone, VoIP phone, or mobile phone, you can effortlessly channelize your telemarketing strategy (Text or Call) accordingly.


When your phone database is verified at its point of entry, it eliminates the invalid, non-existent numbers and thus, helps you to save time, efforts & money by avoiding data correction process post-collection.

Prevent False Entry & Ensure Quality Tele-Marketing

Ampliz phone verification helps to grow your phone list with accurate, valid, and current business and residential phone numbers.

65-80 % Call Success Rate

Your phone list is matched against million phone entries including in-house database of 240 countries’ phone directory, delivering you highest match rate with 65-80% of call success rates.

100% TCPA Compliance

All our activities and at every steps of data processing and encryption are in 100% of Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Compliance.

24x7 Support

With our proprietary algorithm, expert team and rich database, cluster of load balanced server and great customer support you get instant and reliable support at any point of time.

How does it work?

We Verify Telephone Numbers, Delete Invalid Entries Using Real-Time API Keys

Upload your phone list, we auto-match it against more than 240 countries’ and regions’ phone directories, verify it’s existence, eliminate wrong numbers, and update it with added details, ensuring clean and accurate entries in database.

1. Customer Data Acquisition

Upload your database containing customer phone records (including business, commercial, residential and personal numbers) via online secure link.

2. Match Against Database

Once your Phone List is uploaded, it undergoes data processing and matched against the in-house and other reliable external data sources having more than 340 countries and regions.

3. Validation & Verification

Each and every phone entries in the list is validated and verified using real-time API keys. All our activities during each step is of verification are in compliance of TCPA ACT.

4. Eliminate Invalid & Non-Existing Contacts

Once the phone list is verified and invalid or non-existent entries are detected and eliminated to ensure that your phone list has only verified entries.

5. Enrich Phone Records

Once your phone list is verified and invalid entries are deleted, we enrich your phone records with additional information like it’s geographic location, latitudes / longitudes coordinates, users name, carrier details, time zone, predominant language spoken.

6. Download Verified File

After getting your phone list verified and updated with added information, you can download the verified file with single click by purchasing the pricing plan.

Verify My Phone List Now!

Own 100% Verified Phone List & Launch Competent Tele-Marketing Strategies

Get your phone contacts verified and updated with added information in compliance of Telemarketing Policy and TCPA Act. Ampliz phone verification makes your telemarketing efforts easy and efficient.

We Strictly Follow TCPA ACT & Do Not Call List

All our data processing and activities involved in phone verification are in compliance of FCC’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). We delete red flagged entries found in the National Do-Not –Call – List (DNCL), Direct Marketing Association (DMA), and Canadian registries. Identification of wireless numbers is critical to any organization engaging in activities such as debt collection, telemarketing or advertising that may be subject to the TCPA. Ampliz verification solution assist you protect your brand reputation by strictly following TCPA guidelines and other Telemarketing Policies.

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