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Deliver Mails To Right Post-Box

Verify your business and residential postal address before you send any postal mails.
Our address verification software ensures that our mails are reached to the right person.

All Packages Are Reached, Every Customer Is Happy!

We ensure that all your post, and packages are reached at right address. Verified postal address enables you build a strong customer relationship as you can accordingly personalize the marketing campaign.
International Address Formats

We not only verify your postal database but also deliver accurate address information that too in exact format of the respective country or region. Our interactive software is competent enough to deliver verified and format addresses according to the local postal standards.

Cloud Based Solution

Our mailing address verification process is a cloud base solution, which is easy to integrate. Thus it enables you to access and control your verified list from anywhere via secured Salesforce or Marketo credentials.

240 Plus Countries & Regions

Verify your customers’ mailing address (business and residential) by matching it against 7+Million postal addresses including more than 240 countries and world regions’ customer data.

Real-Time Verification

With our easy-to-use secured API key provided by Informatica, you can get your business and residential postal addresses verified in real-time.

Multiple Postal Certification

We provide leading address verification Solution giving all five global postal certifications in one platform.


When your phone database is verified at its point of entry, it eliminates the invalid, non-existent numbers and thus, helps you to saves time, efforts & money by avoiding data correction process post-collection.

No More Undelivered Mails!

Our authentication tool helps your mailing database with accurate, valid, and current business and residential phone numbers.

65-80 % Delivery Rate

Your postal database is matched against millions address entries including in-house database of 240 countries’ regions address directory, delivering you highest match rate with 65-80% of delivery rates.

100% Country Specific

All our validation mode are in compliance country-specific rules and regulations. It offers country-specific logic & contains specific postal certification rules and standards following AMAS, SERP, France SNA, & the United States CASS.

100% 24x7 Support

With AddressDoctor™, expert team and cluster of load balanced server and great customer support you get instant and reliable support at any point of time.

How does it work?

We Authenticate Your Postal Address Database, Using Batch, Interactive, Fast Completion, & Certified Validation Modes

Upload your mailing address list, we auto-match against more than 240 countries’ directories, and authenticate it’s existence and provide exact address information in a format of the respective country or region.

1. Postal Data Acquisition

Upload database containing customers’ mailing address records including commercial, and residential via online secure link.

2. Data Processing For Validation

After the data is uploaded, it undergoes the validation process. It checks each & every address elements against postal reference database verifying all elements required in address format are existing or not. It will also check whether a street name typed accurately, if a postal code postal code and locality combination provided is correct for the building number or not.

Ampliz validation process supports four types of modes, and each is designed for a specific task. Following are the validation mode you can choose from;

(a)Batch: This validation mode is used widely for data warehouses to process large address volumes. It delivers quick results, processing millions of records in just 60 minutes.
(b)Interactive: Interactive validation mode is used during input. It enhances it’s usability by correcting the suggestions and filling accurate address details into an address entry form.
(c) Fast Completion: The fast completion validation mode was designed for call centres and similar business which requires quick data entry & instant address validation. It can generate entire addresses from just incomplete information using similarity metric that tolerates more deviations in rear parts of address format. Thus, it helps to reduce keystrokes & clicks required to enter an address.
(d) Certified: Certified validation mode offers country-specific logic and contains specific postal certification rules and standards for Australia (AMAS), Canada (SERP), France (SNA), and the United States (CASS). Certified mode follows local postal authority rules and regulations, and thus a high level of quality through certification ensuring that the software meets requirements.

3. Delete Invalid Records

Once your mailing database is processed for verification we would delete invalid and non-existing address entries.

4. Formatted Address Line

Once the data processed and addresses are authenticated, the updated address file contains following address format.

  • Country-Specific Locality Line (CSLLN): It contains the country-specific line in formatted address with primary locality.
  • Delivery Address Line (DAL): It contains all delivery information in detail like building name, sub-building block, street number, number, and delivery service.
  • Recipient Line (RCL): It contains all contact information like name of organization and other contact elements.

5. Download Verified File

After getting your address database verified and updated with other additional address elements, you can download the verified file with single click.

Verify My Mailing List Now!

Get 100% Verified Postal Contacts

Get your all your business and personal mailing addresses verified in compliance with country specific rules and regulation. Ampliz address verification makes your direct marketing easy and efficient.

We Follow Country Specific Postal Rules

Our software verifies address standardization and formatting according to country-specific postal rules and regulations. Ampliz verification operates in compliance of country-specific logic & contains specific postal certification rules and standards following AMAS, SERP, France SNA, & the United States CASS.

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