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Be Confident of Every single Data You Own!

Get 100% reliable customer contacts using Ampliz.

Budget Friendly

We authenticate every entry in your database in batch and bulk formats. The approach is made to suit your business requirements and marketing budget.

Self Service Software
Seamless Data Extraction

We easily extract your Database from multiple storage platforms: data server, CRM Systems, and verify it in any given format. Access and maintain complete control on your verified list from anywhere.


Be it business numbers, postal addresses, or email lists, Ampliz offers a complete verifying solution in real-time for all forms of customer contacts irrespective of format.

Why to use Ampliz?

  • Verify mailing addresses with country-specific address formats using country & region-specific internal databases
  • Verify your phone records and identify the line types (landline, VoIP phone, or mobile phone)
  • Verify your email list beyond SMTP, validation checks, and run it through a database of bounces & opt-outs or spam complaints
  • Get 100% verified data of real-time significance

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Easy to get started, yet fully secure!

  • It takes less than 30 seconds to register
  • It is easy to integrate as we are cloud based
  • We comply with anti-spam & country-specific data-security laws
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Our dynamic suit of data solution enables you to generate quality leads, improve customer retention, and roll out marketing campaigns – faster!

CRM Software

We enable CRM systems to be in a good shape by authenticating every customer detail like full name, postal address, business email, and phone number.

Marketing Automation

With verified customer databases, you can prioritize and implement marketing strategies effectively. Using marketing automation software, you can build strong customer relationships efficiently.

Outbound Calling Software

Bring more business opportunities and revenues with quality customer interaction by using a carefully verified phone list.

Measure Your Data Quality Now!

What is your database quality score? High-quality data is the least you need to run a successful marketing campaign. Do you know how to maintain data quality by using seven dimensions?

Verify Contacts, Before Rolling Out Any Campaign

Our verifying platform is designed to authenticate all customer-contact information seamlessly.


Be it email lists, phone numbers, or postal address, Ampliz enables you to launch a powerful marketing campaign using all existing, active, and accurate customer contacts.


Our mail verification software authenticates all email addresses and ensures that email database has only valid, active, and deliverable email addresses.

Self Service Software
Postal Address

Verify your mailing database with accurate, valid, and updated business and residential addresses for UK, Canada, US & Australia using Ampliz address verification.

Phone Contacts

Grow your phone list with verified business and consumer phone numbers using our phone verification solutions.

Want To Become Star Marketer? Use Ampliz!

Get your customer contacts verified against our industry-leading database and be a top marketer.

100% Verified Connections

Match your database against millions of internal database including 240 countries’ and world territories’ opt-ins, and reliable multi-sourced records and get 100% verified customer connections.

100% Compliance with Law

At every step of data processing to verify emails, business numbers, and mailing address, we comply 100% with CAN-SPAM Act, anti-spam laws and other country-specific rules and regulations.

100% Real-Time Results

Use our software and user-friendly API keys provided by Brite Verify, X Verify, Info CheckPoint, and Informatica to get your customer contacts verified in real-time.

Ampliz – Complete Data Verification!

Upload your customer information via a secure link, use multiple API keys, access our quality customer records and get 100% accurate customer connections in real-time.

Multiple APIs

With Ampliz Multiple API keys, you can match against a wide range of quality data in real time, and thus optimize your verifying process for high-quality contacts.

Data Safe

All our authentication processes follow country-specific laws. We also have stringent multi-layer authentication, using Windows AAD and Windows identity to ensure that your data is safe with us.

Easy & Instant

Use a verifying platform with a user-friendly interface. You can upload your database via FTP or use real-time API Keys. We can verify your records in less than two hours. But we might take up to 7 business days if the file size is large and your verification requirements are complex.

Cloud-Based Solution

Our verification process is cloud based. It is easy to integrate, and allows you to access and monitor your verified contacts from anywhere using secured CRM accounts.


For any marketing strategy, brand reputation plays a significant role. Our data processing and encryption for attesting email database, business phones, and postal addresses are in compliance with anti-spam laws, and other country-specific rules and regulations. We strictly follow CAN-SPAM ACT, DMA Guidelines, TCPA, Do-Not-Call Lists, SERP, AMAS, CASS, PECR, and comply with rules & regulations across the globe.

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