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Seven Commandments For Building A High-Conversion Landing Page

E-Book On High Converting Landing Pages By Ampliz

To build and publish an awesome landing page that CONVERTS is not for the faint hearted. There are dozens of different components to understand, the most important of which is having an idea about “what the customer wants”. This question is by far the most important one that will guide you home. So how do you go about creating a landing page that turns visitors into customers and customers into brand advocates? Let’s jump right in!

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What’s Inside?

• Introduction
• What Do Your Customers Really Want?
• Stop Confusing Your Customers
• Load Up On Freebies
• Splatter Heady Headlines
• Incorporate Tidy Visuals
• What About Social Approval?
• The Right CTA For The All-Important Results
• Conclusion: Get Going!

“Your brand captures more targeted leads when you build a landing page that conveys your message well. When you solve your customers’ need with your landing page, you can be rest assured they’ll come back.”

Actionable Tips

  • Ensure your landing pages are short, yet e¬ffective!
  • A good rule of thumb is to start the CTA with “I want to…”
  • Include new press attention, update user numbers, and get customer reviews.
  • A high volume of visuals will entice readers to engage with your brand.
  • The CTA gives direction to the readers and guides them into customers.
  • If your headline cannot capture the entire concept, use a subhead.

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