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The ‘Beginners’ Guide To Email Marketing

This e-guide all about fostering the best practices in email marketing and help you to build a successful email marketing campaigns just like a pro. So, let’s get back to the basics of email marketing and discuss about a great email campaign is built to create sales opportunities, and generate revenues for the company at large.

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What’s Inside?

• Introduction To Email Marketing
• Know How Email Marketing Works?
• Chapter II - Optimize for Deliverability
• Chapter III - Build Customer Relationships
• Chapter IV - Segmentation and Analytics
• Conclusion

“Email marketing is all about leveraging the potential of email communication to a wider extent and send out all messages including business updates, informative messages, and promotions to email recipients who have opted in to receive email communication from you or your organization.”

Actionable Tips

  • Why You must get Whitelisted?
  • How to get maximum opt-ins?
  • Tips to meet subscribers expectation
  • Significance of multi-metrics, real-time reports & Analytics
  • 6 ways to improved email deliverability
  • Build strong customers relationship using email
  • How to segment your email marketing list?
  • Reach targeted prospects with customer profiling & segmentation

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