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Integrating Email Marketing and CRM

A Beginner’s Guide to Integrate E-Marketing & CRM

Acquiring a set of loyal customers has been the prerogative of traditional marketing methods, and the objective remains the same even on the digital front. Fortunately, effective customer-oriented tools such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and communication media such as emails have made it easier to reach out and obtain customers. This e-guide is a beginner’s guide to integrate email marketing and CRM to build a successful email marketing campaigns just like a pro.

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What’s Inside?

• Introduction
• Why email marketing?
• Why customer relationship management (CRM)?
• Advantages of Email Marketing and CRM
• Need for information/data sharing
• Case I – Traditional /Onl¬ine Scenario
• Case II – Digital / Online Scenario
• Collaboration of marketing and sales functions
• Benefi¬ts of integrating email marketing with CRM
• Benefi¬ts of lead nurturing
• Data and revenue generation
• Conclusion

“The combination of a simple but effective “customer reach-out” tool such as an e-mail and a very powerful data-oriented ‘customer analysis’ tool can do wonders to business efforts of a company.”

Actionable Tips

  • Integration Email & CRM is lethal combination to attain, retain, and build strong relationships with customers.
  • CRM track each & every campaign from the first touch to the final sales conversion.
  • Email is the highest ROI generator among all the channels.
  • This combination helps a lot in optimizing your sales & marketing efforts

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