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Top 6 Ways How CRM Can Improve Sales & Increase Productivity


One of the most important aspects of CRM is that it helps you access all important customer information which enables you to target the right prospects with right message. With robust CRM system you can gain insight into past trends, generate invoices, record track expenses, track purchase orders, and automatically pay bills. That way you can gain clarity on your current business and forecast accurately. This e-book is all about how you can improve sales & increase productivity using CRM.

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What’s Inside?

• Introduction To CRM
• Generation of lead score
• Fishing out social data
• Keeping lead data current
• Transparency and visibility
• Web-to-lead forms
• Smart sales dashboards
• Let CRM guide your business decisions
• Understanding what to do with your CRM
• Conclusion

“CRM is not just a software tool or a system; in fact it is a concept, a strategy to understand the customer well and create an established connection to achieve excellence in business.”

Actionable Tips

  • CRM helps to close deal & transactions faster.
  • You can gain 6 times more on your ROI spent on CRM.
  • Comprehensive way to manage prospects & cusotmers.
  • Retain your ‘good’ customers & remove ‘not so good’ ones.

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