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Guidelines on Segmenting Your Lead Nurturing Emails

E-Book on Lead Nurturing By Ampliz

Lead nurturing helps marketers communicate consistently across channels and throughout the sales cycle addressing the gap when a lead first interacts and when the person is ready to purchase. Not every lead that your company receives is going to become sales ready! Nurturing emails amplifies your business, thus the importance of effective lead nurturing becomes very clear.

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What’s Inside?

1. Introduction
2. What are typical lead-nurturing tactics?
3. What are the benefits of lead segmentation?
4. Five ways how you can segment your campaigns
5. Conclusion

“Lead nurturing is a method of sending a series of automated emails to an early-stage lead in order to pull them down the sales funnel.”

Actionable Tips

  • Lead nurturing emails defined
  • Lead Scoring
  • Behavior-based marketing automation & integration
  • Sales and marketing alignment

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