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Engineered To Sell Smarter, Faster, and Better!

Our advanced CRM infrastructure is an end-to-end process to manage each phase of your customers’ journey, boost your sales cycle to a certain extent, and thus generate more revenues.

We Connect Dots Between Marketing, Sales, and Service

Our process driven CRM helps you to align your marketing efforts, sales activity and after sale services on a single CRM platform. Whether you are using our robust in-built sales CRM or you want us to integrate with an external CRM you are using, Ampliz offers the agility to access, update, and track you customers and sales effortlessly.

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Our CRM Helps You To Manage And Update Your Leads

With our Lead Management, and built-in CRM (We can integrate external CRMs too), your sales team or small businesses can easily manage their leads, update or edit the number of leads, follow-ups with prospects, generate more qualified leads, sell, cross-sell, and engage with your leads. We help you to engage and nurture prospects by selecting the right medium of marketing communication, that too at the right time.

Make Every Connection Count! Leverage All Your Customers’ Contacts

Build strong customer relationship by making each and every customer interaction valuable. If you wish to grow your business then a CRM needs to work along with your business infrastructure, processes and operations. And our sales CRM does exactly that. We enable you to track your customer’s journey, and all information gathered from the very beginning till latest phase of customer cycle.

By collecting all information about customer it helps us to create a detailed customer profile which further helps your sales team to identify prospect who are ready to buy your product or who may need more nurturing. However, we make every contact in your database count and thus help you to send better email campaigns.

Bring Seamless Customer Experience Across All Platform

Whether you want us to integrate a CRM you are using or use our in-built sales CRM, we help you to deliver seamless, cross-channel, and consistent Customer Experience across marketing, sales, transactional, social, and after sales services.

Learn more about ‘How To Improve Sales and Productivity Using CRM?

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Simplify Your Marketing Activities & Get Maximum ROI

Our customer focused CRM helps you to execute your all marketing strategies and activities effectively. Launch a successful email, social, and text campaigns with better customer experience easy access to updated customers’ contacts.

Manage your leads, accelerate your sales cycle, and get maximum ROI by streamlining all your marketing activities proficiently.

We Believe In Results!

See What Our Customers Have To Say …

In just 8 months we were able to meet our marketing goals and deliver using Ampliz Marketing Database Management platform.

Their user-friendly, and in-built CRM, timely reports and analysis helps you to strategize your future email marketing goals.

- Monique Hohnberg

Ampliz’s easy-to-use CRM helped us to manage, update, and control our customer contacts as well as leads. We reached right prospects, sent several campaigns to potential buyers, and it was a great way to manage contacts, and leads throughout our sales journey.

- Melonie Dodaro

We are using Ampliz exclusively for email marketing campaigns platform from past one year. We earned high quality leads, and closed at least 4 sales in just six months, thanks to Ampliz in-built CRM, which made it easy for our internal sales team to use it effortlessly.

- Ian Cleary

Benefits & Features

Multi-channel Campaigns
Serve better customer experience by utilizing each and every customer contacts you own. Launch multi-channel campaigns by using email marketing, social media engagement, text marketing tools.

Manage your customer contacts, and connect and reach your customers better using our easy CRM. A role-based access with multi-layer authentication helps you access, manage, update your contacts and leads seamlessly.

Our technical experts and consultants are available for 24*7 to guide you, clarify your doubts and bring best of your marketing team.

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