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Call & Connect with Customers

Call and connect with your existing customers and prospects by adding their direct and valid landline or mobile phone numbers to your business database. Get started and close more business opportunities with Ampliz Phone Append.

Direct Calling Will Leave Your Competition In Dust

Launch an effective telemarketing with accurate and existing business and consumer phone numbers. Ampliz is a simple Phone appending software, which helps you to stay connected with your customers effortlessly.
Accelerate Telemarketing
Accelerate Telemarketing

Get the right business contact numbers of your customers and prospects and stay connected with them and optimize your telemarketing strategies.

Line Type
Line Type

We append your customer data with correct phone numbers also mentioning the type of line like landline, mobile, VOIP


Our user friendly software helps you to append your customers’ database with missing phone numbers having exact match for the same.

Get Quick Results
Get Quick Results

Ampliz delivers on-time comprehensive phone append with industry specific match rates at competitive rates.

High Match
High Match

Match your customers’ business records against a high quality of in-house customer database. We own millions of business landline and mobile phone numbers.

Save Time & Money
Save Time & Money

Equip your telemarketing staff with direct business and consumer contact number. No more cold calling business, save efforts, time and money with our phone appending solutions.

Ring the right bell with direct, correct, and latest phone numbers of your customers and prospects.

35% Match Rate

Your customers’ data is matched with huge database and appended with valid customers phone numbers. Get the high quality of match rate around 35% with our phone append tool.

100% CAN-SPAM Compliance

All our data processing and encryption are 100% in compliance of CAN-SPAM Act.

Millions of Database

We own millions of in-house phone records, match your customer list against it and append it with missing business phone numbers.

How does it works?

Optimize Your Telemarketing Strategy

Simply, upload your customers’ information file, we will process it to find the exact match, and append your database with accurate phone numbers within two minutes.

1. Upload Your Customer Data

Upload your database containing customer information like email addresses, name, company title via our online secure link.

2. Data Processing

Once we receive your data, we begin the data processing and match customer lists against our internal database consisting millions of business and residential phone records. By and large, the phone appending process takes less than two minutes for 10k data entries during business working days.

3. Append with Phone numbers

After the match is found, we append your customer list by adding missing contact phone numbers.

4. Purchase

Once your database is appended with complete phone numbers, we will send you a notification for you to purchase the Appended File.

5. Download the appended file:

After purchasing the appended file, you download it with single click.

Upload Your Customer Data

Get Access to Direct Phone Records To Save Time, Money & Efforts

“Update your customer lists with latest phone records in real-time API endpoints, reach your prospects, and close more business opportunities.”

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