Social Media Append: Smart Insights to Reach Your Targeted Audience

Social media has become one of the most powerful platforms for millions of people to voice their opinions, be heard and collect and introspect on news. Brands to benefit from these platforms to connect and engage with their customers and prospects, to learn what they like and how well they can help them.

The numbers for most of the popular social networking sites are mind-blowing, to say the least. Almost all of them started in humble surroundings and had absolutely no idea that they would reach these levels of usage.

The big three are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The interesting fact is that even though they are social media sites, they are quite different from each other. Be it the format of how you post, how you interact and the types of interactions that happen here.

Facebook has lesser posts and higher engagement, Twitter has an extremely high level of posts but engagement can be slow and LinkedIn is the self-proclaimed ‘professional network’. They are still used by the same individuals but for different purposes. There are very few brands that are popular on all 3 of them.

Facebook Append 

Data mining on social networking sites empowers you with certain insights. These can allow you to increase the input of intelligence into your marketing campaigns. Some of the many insights you will receive are:

  1. Buying patterns
  2. How to increase customer loyalty
  3. Reduce loss of clients
  4. Optimize lead generation cycle

Facebook Append

Prediction is one of the key areas data managers work on today. Append Social Media Data to predict where the customer buying cycle is headed.

Finding Your Target Audience

With the sheer volume of individuals using social media, you can bet that your target audience is present there.

Social Append is a wise strategy is you are looking to find them. Specific questions that get asked during the campaign creation stage can be answered with the right type of data.

The fact that there are so many choices on here, it is necessary to keep your targeting strategies precise and powerful. You will end up wasting a lot of time and effort if you aren’t targeting the right crowd on these networks.

Behavioural targeting is easy and efficient here. People leave traces of their behaviour and preferences all across networks. Appending this information and assimilating them into your campaign targets can help a lot.

Speak Like Them

Online lingo has its own dictionary! While creating ads and using keywords, it helps if you know the language your target audience speaks. Such terms, when used in your marketing programs, will help in attracting the right type of interest.

Keywords are the most significant catalysts we have today when it comes to online marketing. Research and appending the right keywords based on the interactions and comments that appear to be used by your audience will help you in increasing visibility.

Find Interests That Interest You

Reinforcing habits of your target audience by tying them to your products is the best way to align yourself with their way of life. Habits and interests are formed over years and associations.

Peer groups have a large influence on customer behaviour. If you are able to crack through this and create and send out campaigns that mimic and address these interests, you have a much higher chance of netting prospects.

Be Part of Their Community

A brand that shares their same opinion is interested in what they think and identifies with their likes and dislikes has a higher chance of getting follows and brand ambassadors. Appending this information is crucial today and allows you to penetrate markets that are getting highly saturated.

With over 1.79 billion active users on a monthly basis, Facebook is and will be a strong part of any brand’s marketing campaigns. One statistic that displays the power of multiplicity on Facebook is that the average user has 155 friends.

This is an interesting aspect and Facebook has currently leveraged this particular aspect well. They push suggested posts and videos onto your feed that has been liked, shared or commented on by your friends.

Research shows that we are more likely to like and follow brands that have already been appreciated or talked about by our peers.

87% of online users of age 18-29 are on Facebook
Facebook users are 53% female and 47% male

Taking this ahead, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could extract this information from Facebook and use it for your marketing? It is possible to do it. You may have a phone number of your customer.

You can go on Facebook and search for their profile using the phone number and send them a like page request. Once they have liked your page (the chances of a like are higher when they have already purchased from you) you can create ads for their friends and target them.

As with most platforms, brands that have higher likes and shares have higher visibility when searched and their pages are pushed up. This strategy is currently controlled entirely by Facebook itself. You do not have the option to do this yourself.

What you can do instead is create and share amazing content. This is the best and only way now to get good traction on Facebook.

Personalization of your marketing collaterals is the best way forward. For this, you need loads of data, the ability to analyze this data and derive results from it. Facebook is a storehouse of enormous amounts of data with millions of terabytes of data being generated on a daily basis. Imagine what you can do with all of it.

You can collect and use the data that Facebook provides you with from your brand page itself, to begin with. What are the likes and dislikes of your customers, where they are going, what they are doing, how much money they are spending on themselves, their family members and what they are buying? These are just some of the many data points you can collect from the feed itself and use it to make your marketing a lot more interesting for users.

Email marketing needs a lot of data today to be able to cut through the noise. Connecting Facebook data to your email marketing campaigns is a good way to get ahead. Personalization data points are essential in creating content that connects and Facebook Append provides you with a tremendous amount of it.

You can get a lot of information from your users via their location-based posting. It has become common for Facebook users to update their location when they travel- it may be to let their near and dear ones know where they are, without having to call or text them.

This is an opportunity for marketers who work on location-based campaigns. Download this data and create and send campaigns to them with offers and places to visit and such.

Competitor watching is a crucial aspect of today’s marketing. You need to know what your peers are doing, how they are doing it and if they are successful, why they are so.

You can easily append information from a brand’s page about the number of likes they have, which region they have higher users from, their posts and how they target their own audience.

This gives you immense amounts of data that you can use to emulate their success and understand how targeting works. You can target their users directly by sending them requests to like the page.

Facebook Phone Append

You can append via phone numbers through Facebook append. If you have phone numbers or Facebook profiles, it is possible to get either of the details.

If you have a phone number, it is possible to find the Facebook profile of that person, if they have provided it and have made it public. The amount of information you gather is completely dependent on the amount of information they have made public.

Most users do not set their privacy to a high level. This provides marketers with opportunities to data mine- make sure it is done ethically.

It is currently possible to extract data from Facebook with the permission of users. You can scroll through any pages from where you need data of its users and download it in any format you need.

The best way to do that is to use the interface that Facebook provides itself. You can use the Facebook Graph API to crawl through pages from which you need information. You can get basic profile information too by sending a GET request to the Graph interface.

There are certain restrictions when it comes to data extraction but you can easily collect all that data you need with the use of these API keys. You can build your own app of use a web service and follow instructions. Unethical usage is restricted and your IP can be blocked.

Twitter Append

The second most popular social networking platform today is Twitter. It is 11 years old today and has given the world a lot of entertaining moments, helped capture instances of human interactions that have had far-reaching consequences and allows people to closely interact with others, brands and celebrities.

In spite of the fact that you have only 140 characters to put out your thoughts per tweet, that hasn’t stopped people from expressing themselves. Twitter is a far more aggressive place than most social networking platforms with all types of opinions being aired and propagated. It can be used for good and bad too.

Saudi Arabia has the highest percentage of internet users who are active on Twitter
Twitter can handle 18 quintillion user accounts

If are looking to boost personalization within your email marketing, or even your other digital marketing campaigns, extracting information from Twitter is a good way to do it.

You get a lot of information about how brands are engaging their prospects and loyal followers. You can understand how celebrities influence various socio-political aspects of various countries. These are major pointers on how various resources you have can be used to gain access to various regions, races, and people.

Twitter Append allows you to unravel a whole set of information about the targets you are pursuing. The various types of data mining you can do here are-

  1. User– Find out who is using Twitter.
  2. Followers– Find out the types of followers that the individual is following and create a map of preferences based on numbers.
  3. Communities– There are communities on Twitter which work on hashtags.

twitter append

You can collect data based on location, time, and rate of flow of information to identify future events, landmarks, and opportunities to market.

Data collection based on keywords will give you an idea of the issues and news that individuals are interested in.

Data collected based on groups allows you to understand the relationships between users and common interests.

All of this data collection allows you to create a map of the interests and preferences of a Twitter user. This information can be used to create and push collaterals that matter to them.

If you can build a tool that can help you in appending profiles from email addresses, you can get a big break here. It is effective and is currently allowed by the platform.

Twitter append is also something that can be looked into where you can find users based on their email addresses if they have used that same email address for the purpose of creating that account. 

Phone Append is currently not possible since phone numbers are classified as a personally identifiable data.

LinkedIn Append

The third member of the big three social media platforms, LinkedIn has some of the world’s most influential business people using it to grow their brand and help others achieve greatness. It is classified as a professional networking site and its features are designed to facilitate just that.

There are groups that can be formed to initiate discussions, message and talk to people who have found success in business, run surveys and get connected with peers and others here. It is hugely popular for job seekers and HR professionals. We have full blog post assigned on how to append from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn profiles themselves provide you with a wealth of information. It is important to update your profiles as per the guidelines provided by the site. It allows you to connect with more people as your profile reaches certain levels or stages.

What Elements You Can Append in LinkedIn

1. Dashboard

On the individual’s user dashboard, you will get the following information:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Headline
  4. Place
  5. Summary

These can be extremely important when you are at the prospecting stage. You can append a wealth of information from here. Understand more about where they are from, their preferences when it comes to brands and purchases made, income and where they work. Appending these is fairly simple and gives you amazing insights into their profiles.

linkedin append


2. Highlights Section

Here you get to know about their mutual connections and groups joined. If they have similar choices, are connected to the same people you are connected with and more. Such type of information allows you to narrow down on your search and put them in separate baskets as per profiling.

3. Activity Stream

Here you will get useful information such as articles, posts, likes, and comments. This allows you to form a clear picture of the person you are targeting. Your content can be tailor made for them as you know about the ideas and topics that excite them.

4. Experience

Their past and present positions, what they did in their capacities at various companies, if they were decision makers or influencers, how big their teams and projects were and so on. This allows you to know if you are contacting the right person for the sale.

5. Language

This allows you to know their most commonly used language, and create content for them in that specific language.

6. Education

Schooling, graduation, post graduation, degrees, doctorates, courses attended and so on. These are indicators of the person’s abilities, their educational qualifications, and their capabilities.

7. Skills and Endorsements

Their skills and endorsements received from others details how good they are at their job, their abilities and interests. You can create marketing collaterals that are tuned towards these so that they are reading on topics that interest them.

8. Accomplishments

These are tell-tale signs of how popular and accomplished they are. You can put them into various baskets and nurture them according to the scoring you have given them.

9. Following section

This shows you their interests within their own community, the people they follow and what type of groups they are following. Appending this information will allow you to talk to them about things that they are genuinely interested in.

Incorporating such a big amount of information that you get from just a profile search is the power that LinkedIn has. Appending LinkedIn can be a definite boost to your marketing processes.

Instagram Append

Instagram has high usage clocking in at 400 million active users. Over 40 billion photos have been uploaded onto Instagram till date.

If you are a brand that is looking to find teenagers/young adults, this is the place to be. You get a wealth of information here which you can in turn use to boost your marketing capabilities.

As with the rest of the social networking platforms, you can use Instagram to mine details of users and get a clear understanding of what they are doing, who they follow, what they buy and who their friends are.

You can append user details from either of the platforms and download details of their profiles from which you can learn a lot about their behaviour. This learning can be applied to the ads to run for them, the emails you send them and the offers you design for them.

instagram append

It is easy to append details from email addresses. You can download profiles of users and run algorithms on them to narrow down on their likes and dislikes and compartmentalize them based on various parameters.

You can also use hashtags as with the other platforms to find out trending topics. These are key pointers to what people are looking for. Time bound offers will work very well here.

Interests such as photography, filmmaking, arts, crafts, modeling, and merchandise are quite popular on Instagram.

Image sharing is one of the most popular features of Instagram and brands have capitalized on this by roping in Instagram models to sell their wares. These models can charge you for each post and they give you visibility that your brand alone cannot possibly achieve.

The data extracted through Social Media Append is to improve your email marketing capabilities.

As it is important to improve the levels of personalization, these platforms provide you with a wealth of information that you can use to understand user behaviour, practices, likes and dislikes and use it well within your email marketing campaigns.

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